Ethical Issues with Stealing

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Case- Study Method 1. Identify the ethical issues * she is being paid double * she has not reported it after 2 and a half months * the money is not hers * she can get in a lot of trouble * she looks bad in front of other colleagues if they were to ever find out. 2. Identify two possible plausible courses of action * tell Human Resources they made a mistake and give back the money * keep the money and hope no one notices. 3. Identify and quickly define some ethical theories Rawls: the greatest amount of good for the worst off people * He would have thought that regardless of intentions the ends is more important than the means. * Difference principle applies because it justifies that creating (or increasing) inequality is ethical only if doing so also benefits the worst off members of society. * Utilitarianism: * The greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people * Wouldn’t support this because it is a selfish act * The intentions don’t matter it depends on the means of the situation. Francine would benefit from the situation but the department would be losing money so the greatest amount of people would not be benefit. * Veil of Ignorance * Original Position : assume the “state of nature” hwere there’s no cooperation * Everyone is perfectly rational and completely self0interested * No knowledge of : race, sex, age, socioeconomic position, marital status, local, abilities/ skill, intelligence, etc. this means that Francine would not have the knowledge that she was being overpaid and continue on being ignorant about it. . Analyze the courses of action using the ethical theories : use theories above. 5. Weigh the considerations and come to a single recommendation for action : * Francine should report that she is being paid double because it is not ethical to be receiving money for no reason. * Could be considered stealing * Looks bad upon her * Makes her seem untrustworthy * Can lose her job * No one will have respect for her * Only benefits herself (her debit) 6. Justify your recommendations with reasons: look above.

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