Liesel’s Obsession with Stealing Books

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1. Given that the setting for the story was during Nazi Germany, the fact that Death is telling the story is no surprise. Since many lives were taken and lost during the Holocaust, the presence of Death adds an eerie feeling to the story. Death enhances the feeling of the story by giving us an interesting point of view of what he saw during the Holocaust. In the story, instead of enjoying picking up bodies, he tells the reader that he is tired of his job and complains about the constant workloads that war puts on his shoulders.

Further more, there is even a part in the book where death indicates that he is loyal to Hitler’s causes since he took up hundreds and thousands of lives. Death attempts to resist Liesel because his hands are full. However he is unable to get away from her tragic life story, as she gives to her family and friends, and her interest in books. The ugly and beautiful thing about the characters is the war surrounded by humans is ugly and the love and friendship to survive during bombs and bullets is the beauty. 2. Liesel’s obsession with stealing books is her revenge plan to get back at Hitler.

Through the book she learns that words are powerful and very significant. She learns that books and their contents can show her the path to freedom from. She noticed that Hitler used word to get Germany against anyone who was different; consequently, she used those words to destroy what Hitler made. She noticed that Hitler used convincing words to push Germany against anyone who did not fit his list of likes. Accordingly, she used the same type of powerful, bold and convincing types of words to get back at him. 3. Death’s allure with the colors of the sky functions shows great importance in the form of imagery.

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It helps portray the mood of the story, as well as create an atmosphere. By focusing on the sky’s colors at the time of human death, Death suggests that there is a connection between the human death and the climate. The idea of each person that dies has there own color of sky represents a vision of a universe which cares about humans, and isn't indifferent to them. For Death, the colors are so edible, and he sucks on them for distraction while on the job. 4. Liesel steals The Grave Digger’s Handbook after her brother’s burial. She takes the book in as a reminder of her brother, and later sees it as reminder of her mother.

In spite of the book being stolen and not to be discovered by Hans, the title of the book was a part of Liesel’s past that she wanted to keep secret therefore she hid the book under the mattress. When Hans first discovers the book, his reaction was quite surprising but later he discovered that it was a great deal for Liesel. Later Hans goes through the trouble of teaching Liesel how to read. The second book she steals is The Shcoulder Shrug from the bon fire on Hitler’s Birthday. The reason why she steals the book is because she comes to know that her parent's were taken away because they were communists.

This act of book thievery becomes a way Liesel can get back at Hitler for taking her parent's. The third book she steals is The Whistler, from Ilsa’s library. The day that Ilsa refuses to take the laundry from Liesel, Ilsa offers the book to Liesel, but Liesel refuses it. Later, Liesel goes back to Ilsa’s house with Rudy to steal the book as an act of revenge against Ilsa. However, Liesel feels guilty for stealing the book because Ilsa was actually giving her the book and becomes grateful. Liesel writes a letter to Ilsa indicating that she will no longer steal from the library.

As a result, Liesel is gifted a journal by Ilsa where Liesel is able to write her own stories. Stealing the book from the mayor’s house lead to a friendship with the mayor’s wife. Each night, Liesel goes down to the basement to write. Himmel Street was bombed. Liesel’s mama and papa and Rudy were dead due to the bombings. However Liesel was saved because she was in the basement, perfecting her book. In a way, words saved her life. 5. Some people find it difficult to go through a day, not being in an angry mood. The reason why Rosa became irritated was because she lost her job as a laundry maid.

The way Rosa’s life is continuing makes her an angry and bitter woman. 6. Hans tthroughout the novel proves to be "worth a lot. " He ends up earning Liesel's trust and love by being the one who is there for her when she had nightmares every night. He also stayed with Liesel for many hours playing his accordion and teaching her how to roll cigarettes. Not only that, he taught Liesel how to read and was the only one to believe that Liesel had great potential. Liesel had a great attachment with Hans that made him feel like Liesel was his child.

Normally, Trudy only comes to visit during the holidays for a day or two while Hans Junior detest his father for not being in the Hitler group. Liesel is the only one that shows love, affection, and the true feeling of a daughter/child to Hans. Hans feels special when he is with her. On the other hand, Rosa appears to be a heartless bad-mouth woman. However, she is a very caring person but just doesn't show it. The hard times of poverty and working for the rich made Rosa a bitter woman. So instead of saying "I love you" to Liesel, she calls Liesel a Saumensch.

However, Rosa also proves her love towards her foster daughter by gifting Max's journal to Liesel. Towards the end of the book, Liesel comes to realize how beautiful Rosa really is. For example, when Hans leaves for the war, Rosa stays up all night holding on to Hans' accordion and is quiet. Liesel learns that Rosa really does love Hans and is devoted to him. 7. Liesel sees love with abandonment because her mother left her in order to keep her safe. She understood why she was abandoned by her mother when Max abandons her, then Hans. They did not leave her because they didn't want to be with her but because they had to.

Therefore, she was abandoned by circumstance because at the end, everybody leaves her because of the bomb. 8. Hans is guilty for Erik's life because Erik saved Hans life. During that time, Hans was a young person who didn't have his own family yet while Erik had a wife and a son. Hans Channels his guilt by trying to save others. Max also feels guilty because he constantly asking for Hans and Rosa's forgiveness for putting their lives in danger. "Living was living. The price was guilt and shame. " Erik feels guilty because he knows it's not fair for him to ask them for food, living place, and possibly their lives.

He feels guilty for asking and the response of yes. He feels a little ashamed that he can't do these things for himself like he used to. 9. Liesel and Max are both haunted by their dreams. Liesel on one hand, dreams of her dead brother. On the other hand, Max dreams about the way he left his family. They're both victims of Hitler's hate. Max gives Liesel's life purpose because he helps her learn the power of words. As the days pass, Liesel and Max become really good friends. Max later gives Liesel "The Stanover Man" for her birthday to show his appreciation for her friendship.

The significance of the story is that he writes his little book with the pages of Hitler's Mein Kampf. 10. To face Hitler it takes an immense amount of courage. During the time of the Holocaust Germany was a very dangerous place to live for people who opposed the Nazi party. Since the supporters of the Nazi party were the majority in Germany at that point in time, they also had an enormous amount of power. They could destroy the lives of people who opposed them in merely seconds. Thus, to oppose the Nazi’s while living in Germany took a large amount of courage.

In the Hubermann’s house everyone showed the trait of courage tthroughout the book. For example, Rosa and Hans showed courage by hiding a Jewish person in their basement. Doing at the time could have cost both Rosa and Hans their lives. In addition Liesel shows courage by keeping the secret of the Jew in their basement. This can be called a courageous act because; if they were caught Liesel would have died along with her family. Rudy also showed an example of courageousness, not many boys have the courage to ask a girl to kiss them. 11. Liesel and Rudy started out as being neighbors and soon became best friends.

Rudy loves Liesel and continuously tries to get her to kiss him. Though the truth is that Rudy is afraid of the day she will actually kiss him. On other hand, Liesel simply sees Rudy as a brother in the beginning. The two continue to be friends and steal together as well as go through tough times through out the book. Towards the end, when Liesel confesses to Rudy about Max she realizes how much she truly is in love with him. In my opinion Liesel had a hard time learning her true feelings about Rudy because, of the fear of abandonment by Death like her brother. Deaths statement describes that Rudy truly loves Liesel.

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