Ethical business operations

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Technology which should be used in monitoring data transmission should be able to have a big memory which will enhance proper transmission of both signals and sound to space from earth. The technology which can be quite applicable is the memory error recovery and protection device which will ensure that no message or data which need to be transmitted is lost in the process. Due to ethics standards of the corporation this device is quite important since the customers would not have a feeling of being betrayed once their data gets lost in the process since it can be recovered.

To a business operating in space, the codes of ethics must produce benefits. For these codes to have these benefits all the employees, managers and stakeholders must have genuine commitment to ethical business operations. The risks associated with off-earth commerce can be minimized if companies with such interest adopt a code of ethics for conducting such business. The code allows businesses and corporation to recognize the challenges facing commercial developments and encourages the participants to devote a high level of thought and analysis to ethical issues.

Sadeh (2003), states that a property constructed and positive oriented code of ethics secures the commitment of employees and management alike. A standard for adherence to corporate responsibility is therefore established. He argues that it is not sufficient to have a code of ethics, as success requires commitment of by leader managers and employees to pursue ethical business operations. This is because considering a tobacco company which can be sued for negligence has code of ethics put in place. The only difference from this argument is how the management, employees and stakeholder commit to its implementation.

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