Foreign Marketing Operations of Organic Meat Business

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Culture, language and religion are most likely to have direct influence on the foreign marketing operations of organic meat business. This consists of both the lamb meat and the organic meat in general. Culture is a major factor that is most likely to influence the foreign marketing options for the meat products. This is because of the following reasons: the foreign marketing policies dictate that the Longcloud Company has to expand from the local markets and seek for more marketing options in the United States and Europe and Japan in genera.

It is important to note that different cultures have different cultural beliefs concerning the meat products. For example; some cultures may not like meat because the culture dictates that meat is not a product that is edible. This in turn may affect the attitudes of the target population and therefore negatively impact the sales of the company. Religion in another factor that is most likely to affect the foreign marketing policies of meat products. This is because most regions have certain religious beliefs that discourage their members from actually consuming the meat products.

An example is the Islam community which has regulations of the eating of meat. This is likely to reduce the marketing chances for the meat products in these countries. On the other hand, the countries whose religious affiliations do not interfere with the eating of meat such as Christians are most likely to expand the marketing options of meat in those countries and hence promote sales for the company. Language is another influencing factor. Different countries use different official and local languages.

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It is important to determine the proper form of language when promoting the meat products in the foreign countries since this will determine the level of awareness of the products in the particular region. There is a difference in terms of sales concerning the marketing methods. Countries which do use English as their official languages are less likely to be reached through E-commerce. This is because the majority of the people who visit the internet use English as a language.

This may limit awareness of the product to just a handful of people in a particular region thus lowering the sales. In this case it is important to use the traditional marketing approach since it would have a greater influence than E-commerce. This is however a reverse in countries which use English as their official language. It is easier to reach more people through E-commerce than the traditional marketing approach. LongCloud Company should actually not develop its websites in languages other than English.

This is because of the advantages that will arise out of having a website that fully uses English as the sole language. Some of the advantages are as follows: Since according to research, English is the most used language for most of the internet visitors, it would be advantageous to use English only so as to reach the majority of the customers who inquire about the products and services through the internet; secondly, research also shows that a majority of the non-English speaking countries tend to use English for business purposes and use the native language back at home.

Because of this, they will mainly get business information through English designed websites which they use in the offices. As a result a majority of the people will be reached through the use of English language; lastly some of non-English speaking countries regard their local languages as inadequate when it comes to transacting international business. As a result most of the people will use English to browse for business opportunities.

The disadvantage of using English for the websites is that in a case whereby the people have their businesses at home, it is most likely that they would prefer to use their local languages to browse over the internet. In this case such people will not get a chance to be aware of the products of LongCloud Company. Reference: Kotler, P & Kevin L. (2009). A Framework for Marketing Management (4th ed. ). New York: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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