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The Curse of the Lady’s Dressing Room

Jonathan Swift’s poem, The Lady’s Dressing Room, is a comic satire that seeks to show readers the inescapable humanity – and its flaws and gory ugliness – that women have to live with no matter how hard they try to make themselves appear immaculately beautiful …

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Animal Farm Allegory - Revolution and Dystopia

Eric Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an Englishman whose writings attacked political and social oppression. One of his best-known works, Animal Farm, was written in 1945 and is a satire on abusive political power and an allegory of Russian history. George …

Animal FarmRevolution
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Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan is an apt representation of the theory of epic theater

Brecht’s Epic Theatre is a theatre of destroyed illusions and a wide awake audience which took birth from the theory of Korschian Marxism which saw ideology as a material force that served as an important tool of dominance. It is a theatre of instruction and …

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Animal Farm and The Great Purge

As previously quoted by George Orwell, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. In many cases, a historical significance used in literature can be very effective and can be used …

Animal Farm
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Character of Mrs. Sparsit in Hard Times

MRS. sparsit is an elderly lady who is highly connected and have a huge aristpcratic bvackground. her husband belonged to the family of “POWERLS”. Scadgers…. she is a widow now, fallen yupon evil days to take up job. She works as a housekeeper olf mr. …

Hard Times
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A Modest Proposal

Short Story Analysis A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift once remarked, “We have just religion enough to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another” (Conditions). 1729 was a time where both economic and religious struggles raged between Ireland and England. Jonathan …

A Modest Proposal
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Charles Dickens: A Biography

Charles Dickens one of the greatest authors of all time. Dickens wrote on the people of the Industrial Revolution and on truth and realism. Dickens wrote about every aspect of life and included all classes of society. Dickens used experiences from his own life and …

AutobiographyCharles Dickens
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Compared Writing Styles of Rowlandson, Bradford, and Byrd

The writing styles of Rowlandson and Bradford are very similar, while Byrd’s writing style is different from the other two. Rowlandson’s journal is a narraritive of her captivity, and Bradfords journal is a narrative of his journey to and arrival at his destination in the …

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Caribbean Poetry

Caribbean Voices : Living a Double life / Dual Identities. Caribbean Poetry is the expression of the constant dualistic nature of the Caribbean identity. Caribbean Poetry exemplifies a unique hybrid made from the voice of the Caribbean experience and its postcolonial English heritage but this …

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Bullet in the Brain

English 102 Professor February 23, 2013 Bullet in the Brain The short story “Bullet in the Brain” is a story about a character with a very distinct persona. The main character, Anders, is one who is established as being an odd character from the very …

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Analysis of the Letter “On Choosing a Mistress” by Benjamin Franklin

On Choosing a Mistress “On Choosing a Mistress” is a letter written by Benjamin Franklin to advise one of his close friends about choosing a mistress. In his 1745 letter, Franklin conveys that marriage is the only remedy for lustful inclinations, but if the friend …

Benjamin Franklin
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How Katherine Mansfield's Writing Changed Through

Katherine Mansfield was predominantly a short story writer born in New Zealand in 1888. Although she has often been quoted demonstrating a negative view on New Zealand, she “thanks God she was born in New Zealand”. Her father was a successful business man and her …

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Satire and Critique in Candide Essay

Candide Essay Voltaire uses literary techniques such as satire and critique to demonstrate the cruelty and folly of humanity. He focuses on serious topics that include sexism, and reduces it to absurdity so that it is comical to the audience. Despite the fact that Voltaire …

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Effects of Equality in “Harrison Bergeron”

Effects of equality in “Harrison Bergeron” “Harrison Bergeron,” written by Kurt Vonnegut focuses on the idea of physical and mental equality, which is controlled by the government in the year 2081; the strong are forced to wear handicaps which hinder their abilities, the intellectual are …

Harrison Bergeron
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Emma/Clueless Essay

Emma Essay How has the changing contexts influenced the representations of main issues from Emma to Clueless? Amy Heckerling’s Clueless is a cinematic reconstruction of Jane Austen’s 19th century classic Emma and perfectly encapsulates the idea that the issues of a time, change and adapt …

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