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Informative Essay on Unit Discussion

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This week, you will engage in a discussion about managerial behavior and ways to bring about the highest standards of performance. Think about your personal attributes and how you can capitalize on those attributes In management responsibilities.

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Informative Essay on Unit Discussion

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. Go to the link below and read the article, then choose three of the mistakes and, using the information In Chapters 12 and 14, discuss strategies for correcting these mistakes in the health care setting.

Also, respond to at least two classmates' posts. Http:// www. Liabilities. Com/top-10-management-mistakes/ 16570198-1. HTML#txzz1xnYZ2Pos 06/07/2014 HA 510-01 unit 4 Discussion Initial post Resisting Change While all ten adversely affect an organization, for me resettles change Is the biggest nemesis of healthcare management and the industry overall. Healthcare is one of the last true dinosaurs of the business industry.

While rigorous attempts have been made to shape the healthcare landscape to reflect the financial challenges, business decisions, and how administrators interact with and set agendas for staff, the truth is, hose changes have been hotly contested by top level management, doctors, and even HER. So intense has been this resistance that the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) had to be voted in to legislation. Yes change is the biggest nemesis of management and every other sector of the US Healthcare System.

Showing Favoritism Showing favoritism or the appearance of such is my next highest problem. Just as I discussed in the unit 2 forum there is a contrasting difference between being too socially involved with staff or developing what could be considered "special legislations" with the professional decorum can be a deterrent to the management process with regard to those who are not considered to be In that connective position of social propriety and can damage a managers overall credibility with staff (All Business. Com, 2014).

Keep a neutral social interaction approach and appearance. Believing You Have All the Answers Beveling you have all of the answers as a manager Is a sure way to disintegrate the communication process and Impair team cohesion

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