Fast Food Nation Discussion Questions

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He is shocked that the greatest power house in t e world has this disease in it's system and it is right under our noses.

  1. 2. Believe that the primary goal Closer had in writing this book is exposing a America the fries, burgers, pizzas, subs, that we consume isn't what we think t is.
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The chicken, cows, and pigs aren't raised on a farm, slaughtered humanely, thro ugly inspected, packaged, and appears on our plates with a nice wrapper around it . He wanted us to be aware that this industry is doing everything in their power to exploit innocent workers, helpless animals, and the system with power and politics. Ink Closer is hoping for America to open their eyes and realize what is really g Long on around them. He wants to see any change, not drastic changes but slowly chaw Eng things. He might expect us to spread this information to anyone that hasn't re ad this book. To spread the info he gave to us to anyone that isn't aware of what is go ins on in their local fast food restaurants.

  1. 3. He kind of depicts an American culture that seems to be oblivious of what is g Ongoing on and just wants to consume, consume, and consume.

He kind of writes about transition of a culture where everything was made from scratch and hard word k paid off. No short cuts were taken. Nothing was 'fast?' just quality food. He described American Farmers as a dying species, businessmen as money hung children as exploited adolescents, general working public as being manipulate d, and the eating public as an unaware audience.

  1. 4. The tone of Chlorate's text is subtle yet stern. I would classify this book as outstretching, dark, heartrending and informative.

I honestly do not b live that anywhere in the book there was a hopefulness or optimism. It just seem to get darker and darker the more you read on. He asserts his opinion in sections like and Potatoes, The Most Dangerous Job, Your Trusted friends. Yes there are SE actions that are less/ or more biased. (Kenny pig 186, Sharp Knives pig 1 72, A Broken Link pig 146)

  1. 5. The effect of these stories is to have us feel connected in a way with them.

Like e we know them personally, and understand and feel what they been through, and they are included to give us a generalization of how long these industries have been d Long these things.

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