Election Campaigns and the Influence of the Electoral College and the Votes of the People

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An incumbency advantage is someone who has been in office for a long period of time. The incumbency advantage will help a person to gain more publicity since they have more access towards money. Those who have more money for their campaign will most likely get elected since you need people to know who you are and to let them know why it is important that they should vote for you. They often have sponsor that helps to pay towards their campaign which it is a good thing since it plays in their favor without requiring to spend money from their own wallet. Incumbencies are hard to compete with since they have all the resources as opposed to somebody that is trying run against them. New comers are least likely to win or have no chance of winning.

Congress is affected by incumbency advantages since if anybody was to try to get rid of a person it will be very difficult to do so. On the other hand, they can already tell who will be winning in the following congressional election. In the House of Representative, candidates are constantly having to get reelected during every two years. Sometime is not a good thing to have somebody be in office for a long period of time since incumbents can become lazy and not want to do the work due to age and experience, I guess. I think that those who are in congress can be stuck in their ways and just not want to make any changes to resolve certain issues in politics. I think it's important to have incumbents that are constantly working hard to ensure that they are putting an effort to issues such as crime rate.

From what I remembered a candidate-centered campaign is somebody that is willing to run in office because they believe that they can run in congress. For example, congressman Ben Cline decided to run in the 2018 midterm election because he believed that he had the credentials to that can be utilized to serve the people in the 6th Congressional District of Virginia. A candidate-centered campaign is a campaign that allows the people to select who they want to be in congress and not somebody who is chosen from the committee.

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Nationalization is a tad bit different since it is not like a candidate-centered campaign where we are choosing the person, but we are rather selecting a party. So, it is a bit different because we have to choose a party that we relate ourselves to. For example, when we are selecting a president, we are selecting the party that we believe is the best fit such as a Democratic or a Republican candidate. It is related to the congressional campaign because the republican presidential party wants their candidates to be a big number of republican candidates. A party that is considered to be republican are most likely going to want their team to succeed nationally in the governmental party as well.

Polarization is more like how a person defined them such as being in favor of the Republican or Democratic Party. So, it was group of party best fits you. For example, I like to consider myself as Democrat because I think that people should receive help from the government if a person does not have the funds to support themselves such as Medicare. A person who identifies them as a Republican are known as a conservative and those who are Democratic are known as a liberal. For example, trumps rally is filled with an individual who identifies them to be most likely a hard conservative since President Donald Trump rally are against anybody that considered themselves a Democrat.

The party centered campaigns that I remember is something that is hand chosen to be congress where the people do not have a say in the decision making. For example, those who are selected to be in congress are not chosen because they are the best candidate to the job, but they are selected because they seem to be an easy target to control. In a way it’s like a person who is being manipulated to do thinks to things for others. That’s the only reason why a party centered campaigns do is to make somebody else to do their job for them and to follow along with what they say.

All of these strategies affect who how are the world will function as a country. It’s important in my opinion for the people to choose the next president by the most votes who was chosen by the people and not by the highest votes on the electoral college. It’s important to vote since we have the right to choose how are government will run. It says in the constitution that we the people which means we are supposed to say how the government will work and not have it be the other way around. All of these helps to solve issues in each state, but it will also reflect on how the presidential election will play on the following election. We are no longer a party centered campaign but have moves towards a candidate centered campaigns.

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