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Should the Electoral College Be Abolished

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Francisco Colin 4th Period There have been many talks about the Electoral College and how it should or should not be abolished when election time comes around. Many people feel that the electoral college is unfair because it seems that even if we vote it only comes down to the electoral college to see if they won presidency or re-election. Personally, I feel that the Electoral College should be abolished nationwide, so that way our voice can be “heard” or used more within the government.

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It should also be abolished because of the fact how in most of the elections, the Presidents are most and only elected because of the electoral college and our own vote, the vote that we had taken our own time to choose our future leader that will guide the country in the right path. Instead, the states choose who to vote just because the majority of the Electoral College is just one of the parties that dominate that state and not the other.

For example, since the state of Texas is Republican dominated, what if the people had voted for the democratic side and the democratic won by the popular votes in the state of Texas, then it wouldn’t matter just because of how the state chooses who to vote because of the majority of the party in Texas. This to me is very outrageous because of how our forefathers from the past had fought for our right to vote, it is being put to waste since it only goes by the Electoral College and not our votes.

For example, when Al Gore ran for his presidency the first time, we had the people, even though I wasn’t the age to vote at the moment, had chosen Al Gore to run this fine country of ours, even though the popular vote came close. He was the clear winner that the people had chosen to lead this country, but instead was cheated out of being President because of how George W.

Bush had won the Electoral College by a small margin; he was instead elected to be the President to lead our nation. Because of this also, if feel that it is actually time for the Electoral College to be abolished out of the election system, because as us Americans voting, in doesn’t really matter who we chose to win because of how our won states decide with the electoral college who to win Presidency, which isn’t very fair for our nation.

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