Effects of Title Ix

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Title IX Title IX is a rule established in the NCAA to regulate men and women college sports. The title was passed in 1972. The reason that I am interested in this subject is because I am a college wrestler. Wrestling is one of the greatly affected sports when relating to this. The title states that men and women must have the equal opportunities to participate in sports. Over 150 wrestling programs have been dropped since the passing. This title could greatly affect my life in the next few years.

The wrestling coaches here have talked about how our wrestling program here at Appalachian State could possibly be discontinued due to Title IX. The budget for the sports programs here are not even across the board. The money spent on men’s sports is greater than the amount spent on women’s. I do not think that the program is seriously in danger of being canceled, but I do know that we cannot have as many people on the team next year that we do this year. At least 7 people have to be cut before next year.

I think that this Title should not be in place at all. There are many more men that want to participate in sports then women. This title takes away from the opportunities that men have to play. Most women sports do not bring in much money. The majority of money on any campus comes from the football team. Men sports bring in more money than women’s, so it would only be right to allow more men sports. I feel like my opinion on this says that I am not really for women sports.

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That is kind of true. The women sports that I have seen myself are never as interesting as the men sports. Girls are just as competitive sometimes but the level of competition is just not that of a guy’s event. As for our culture, this subject being controversial says that other people feel the same way that I do. This issue is one that will remain controversial for years. Many people have tried to find a solution, but this is a very complex idea. It greatly affects men and women.

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