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A lot of the economy is spent on the water resources management of Mexico City. Funding is shared by the federal (33%), regional (23%), local subsidies (14%), and other sources. Fixing tariffs is a difficult task as there are many variations and they are not leveled equally based on their share of usage of water. This is mainly due to the lack of proper infrastructure to detect the amount of water used. Cash recovery is done with little surplus and used for maintenance. External cooperation economic support will be handy to the implementation of action plans. Inter-American Development Bank sanctioned a US$200,000 project that can support flood emergency programs and an additional US$200,000 to maintain a program to relieve damages. Engineering strategy can be considered as a future-oriented approach as a lot of technology is being used and can address many problems. But it is not cost-effective and states cannot spend more on this way. Environmental, social and economic policies associated with water management did not meet expectations resulting in the deterioration of socioeconomic, environmental, and health conditions.

Conclusion: Water management is not an issue that can be solved now so we can immediately wash our hands. It is a long-standing problem that needs to be addressed since we use water every day. So the economic, technical, and environmental strategies should be upgraded to meet the new challenges. It is difficult to restrict the pollution problems and implement the measures due to the ever-increasing slum areas in the megacities. So there is a need to have public-private partnerships that can prove to be a promising approach to solving our woes on water. An integrated water management system can be a better option. Mexico City water resource management stakeholders need to upgrade their patterns to meet the new challenges.


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