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Early sexual exposure to youth Shekinah Lorcy Liberty University April 26,2012 Abstract Viewing and discussing the article Protecting youth from early and abusive sexual experiences, by authors Lynn Rew, Katherine Bowman, the affects of early sexual exposure towards youth; what ways can that be prevented, and things parents should be aware of prior to their children being exposed. Presenting personal thoughts and views on the current social problem, and raising awareness. Finally considering from a Christian worldview, biblical facts plus scriptures.

Does a placing person of high faith single out youth from early exposure to sex or any sort of sexual contact? Article Summary Sex is a God given gift, to form and multiply in a way that’s honorable to Him. When used unwisely there can be serious consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, and STI’s (sexual transmitted infections). In case of the article Protecting youth from early and abusive sexual experiences, by authors Lynn Rew, Katherine Bowman, they discuss advantages and disadvantages to early exposure to youth. In today’s society sex is portrayed a simple factor in life that has no repercussions or consequences when misused.

From the television shows, to Internet, to even the commercials placed, sex sells and rapidly is increasing into the norm of everyday society. Exposing sex to youth at an early age can cause emotional depression, physical malfunctions, and the wrong outlook on life both mentally and spiritually. The article reviews that parents that converse with their children more freely and openly are less likely to experiment sexual intercourse at a younger age. (Lynn Rew, Katherine Bowman 2011) Knowing the facts help for a better understanding and less curiousness to testing.

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When parents practice impersonal relationship with their children, conversations such as sex come easily to discuss amongst each other. Many parents believe that hiding or not placing an awareness about sex to their children will make them less likely to have sex when in fact it increases their chances greatly. Also youth that are active in school with extra curricular activities such as being in sports teams aren’t quite too exposed to sex, compared to a child that goes straight home after classes turns on the TV everyday.

Having their minds filled with academics along with extra curricular activities leaves for a balance and non – acquaintance with sex. Early sexual contact can also depend on a child’s environment. Raising a child around drugs, crime and violence can increase the likelihood of having unprotected sex with others. Schools now are beginning to administer mandatory sex education classes with students as early as freshman in high school. Enforcing this behavior would benefit for decreasing early sexual activity and furthermore raising knowledge for STI’s (sexual transmitted infections), the causes and affects of diseases.

Thoughts of early sexual exposure to youth as a Social problem As the years progress, sex is becoming a socially accepted norm. Teens who see and hear a lot about sex in the media may be more than twice as likely to have early sexual intercourse as those who are rarely exposed to sexual content. A new study shows that 12- to 14-year-olds exposed to the most sexual content in movies, music, magazines, and on television were 2. 2 times more likely to have had sexual intercourse. Teens are still at a stage mentally were there’s still room for improvement.

Corrupting it at a young age can lead to many negative affects such as rebellion against family, delinquency, and mental instability. In most cases when teens are going through puberty, they feel the need and compression to fit in, and chances are people around them are becoming sexually active by peer pressure all around them. As a young teen in high school I had no common knowledge of sex. Coming from a single parent home my mother and I didn’t have the closest relationship, so a conversation about sex was never brought up.

The information was only gained through friends, associates and a few close family members, which wasn’t the best possible thing to do. If my relationship were closer to my mom I would have approached her about it, but my curiosity lead me to seek other options from other people. Females like myself with just a single parent in the home like a mom; we usually seek a male figure for the lack of one not being in the home. Sex is usually acted upon earlier, for the fact of a lack of attention.

They get too attach easily since they are being displayed affection whether or not it’s emotionally or physically. Many times when these decisions are made they are based off of temporary emotion that can affect you in a permanent way, for example early pregnancy. Christian Worldview When combining a strong faith it’s always best to place scripture with growth and temptations of this world. Families that raise more awareness and concern when comparing everyday scenarios with scripture can help youth in the family have a better understanding.

Reading scripture daily with family causes for expansion of wisdom and can help for better decision making when coming to teen and early sexual exposure. Sex was originally made by God to share between husband and wife with intentions of multiply, and bringing in life to this world. Today sex has lost its initial meaning, people are abusing God’s gift by using it for just selfish temporary pleasures. Sex before marriage is only breaking the covenant between man and God to remain pure for your husband and wife.

We are so caught up in what the world has to offer that we lose focus on God and his message about sex. Purposely abusing sex for self-interested intentions is in a way cursing God and saying that He’s not important and the word being offered has no relevance to their lives. While God was on earth he sacrificed plenty for us mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The least we can do is return that unconditional love back to Him. He was tempted in the wilderness by the devil, cursed by people, betrayed by his closest friends, hung on the cross and the list continues today in our lives.

Due to the fall cause by Adam and Eve sin is easily influenced in our lives. Having God, as our personal savior and becoming more like Him can lead of to a better path in life. Although the road not is easily God will help us every step of the way, as for temptations with sexual impurities, etc. Making a way out of no way God will always see you through. Reference Rew, L. (2008, January). Protecting youth from early and abusive sexual experiences . Retrieved from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m0FSZ/is_1_34/ai_n24923909/pg_2/? tag=content;col1

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