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Staying Focused

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? There are many ways I can stay focused stayin focused is really hard for me to do. There are many times my mind wonder off which cost me to lose focus on whatever I am doing. Staying Focused effects alot of people in the world especially people thats in school that have kids In this report I will be talking about many ways that I can stay focused. I have a problem with staying focused I am a single mom with two kids and it is really hard trying to be focused with them around.

Its real easy for me to stay focused at school or at work unless I have people around me thats disturbing me,other then that when Im there I leave my communication in the car so I can be focused in one area. Its hard to stay focused when my kids are around because all my attention goes to them. Most of the time when I have to study I have my sister or brother to watch them. (Its important to understand that maintaining focus is an active mental and physical excerise, not a passive or automatic response says Michael Pollicks). Focus gets assassinated when you find yourself being distracted.

If you find yourself disoriented,scattered,or if you have no plan your focus is going to get nailed in the process. If your focus is gone you will not be able to do what you need to do in order to see the goal attained. I feel that if you don't learn how to deal with staying focused then if will be very hard to make it through anything in life especially me. I totally agree with Michael Pollick because maintaining focus is an active and physical excerise. I learned that having well defined goals are good guidelines writing my goals down really helps whenever I get distrracted.

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Its helps me when I read my goals It reminds me of what I am trying to do and why. (The enviroment around you will always find new ways to distract you from whats important, Its even more important to maintain your focus always remember to be calm and focused. Steve Martile). I feel that if people read more about staying focused it will help them alot I know with me reading about it helped me alot and I feel that if I follow some of these guidelines It will help me alot through life and through my career.

The proccess that I will use to evaluate the information that I gathered. I will follow these steps I will choose one or two objectives for the year. Goal setting is important,but setting too many goals can be a trap. Too many goals mess alot of people focus up because they have all these goals that they are trying to complete instead if you have two goals you can focused on one at a time and you don't have to rush. If I focus on the most important first my focus will be alot stronger because I will be staying focus on what is important to me first.

I will also give myself daily quiet time so that I can focused on my work or especially whan I have to study I especcially need quiet time when I am doing anything dealing with school. I learned that if u visualize daily vision it is the magnet that pulls you along your destination. It gives you the juice to move towards a bright future. Having a vision moves you with the current instead of against it. In this research I talked about many ways that I can stay focused there are many different ways that I can stay focused.

If I stay focused through out my entire life I will suceede if i focus on one or two goals in life I will complete my goals I just have to stay focused. I ran across a statment that was so true and it said. ( Being the eye of the storm is no easy task, but it can be very simple. Choose one tip and commit every part of your being to make it happen. It will make all the difference as you steer your ship through those turbulent waters-and ultimately help you stay focused. by;Steve Martile)

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