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Drilling vs Solar Power

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I choose solar power over drilling oil. I chose this “side” because drilling oil is hazardous to the environment. Solar energy is from energy directly from the sun’s radiation and Drilling is coming from below the ocean floor. The oil spill in the gulf 2010 was devastating to the environment and is still being looked at as one of the worst environmental disasters of all time. Solar power is better for the environment and we can use it for years to come.

The key habits for hindering my thinking when looking at the opposing view, was stereotyping that oil drilling is not safe and causes a lot of problems for the environment because of what I heard in the news. I was also was resistance to change, I don’t like change but when it comes to the environment I believe we have to stand up for what we believe in. I also used the “mine is better habit” where I thought my opinion was the right one until I researched the topic. After researching I found out that oil spills can be devastating to wildlife.

Drilling oil creates jobs which is influential for the economy. In return solar power is better for the environment because it uses natural process for energy. In order for solar energy to work you must have temperature, it is an important factor that may affect the performance of solar power. I still believe that solar power is more beneficent because we are protecting our wild life and environment. What I can do to overcome my habits hindering my thinking is to not be resistant to change.

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Try and not believe that my opinion is the right one, I have to do my research so I can back up what I am saying. Try not to stereotype that all drilling is bad. I need to examine my first impression of the problems and issues. I need to research all views of the situation and then determine what is best. I did research benefits of solar power and drilling and then researched the disadvantages of both I stand by my choice that if I had to choose between the two I would still choose solar power. I found both topics to be intriguing and informative.

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