Why Should We Use Solar Power Environmental Sciences Essay

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There are assorted beginnings of energy. We use heat energy obtained by the firing fuels like wood, coal, kerosine or cookery gas for cooking our nutrient.The energy fuels like gasoline and Diesel is used to run auto, coachs, trucks and train. Diesel is besides used to supply energy to run the pump for irrigation in agribusiness. Electrical energy is used for illuming the bulbs, tubings and to run wireless, telecasting, family contraptions, electric trains etc. Solar energy is besides used for cooking the nutrient, illuming the bulbs etc. In fact all over activities use energy in one signifier or the other. Energy is indispensable for our endurance in this universe

The energy obtained from the Sun is known as solar energy. Sun is the beginning of energy. The Sun radiate more energy in one second than the people have used the since the beginning of the life. the energy radiated by the Sun comers from the Sun. the H atom in Sun ; s nucleus combine to organize one He atom. but the mass of He atom is less the four H atoms. It means mass has lost during the atomic merger.This lost mass is emitted as beaming energy. The solar energy takes merely 8 proceedingss to go the 93 million stat mis to the Earth. Solar energy travels with the velocity of visible radiation.

This heat and light energy is radiated by Sun in all waies in the signifier of energy. The Sun has been radiating an tremendous sum of energy at the present rate for about 5 billion Old ages and will go on radiating energy at that rate for about five billion old ages more. Since Sun is really far from the Earth merely little fractions of energy radiated by the Sun reaches the outer bed of Earth 's ambiance. A little less than half of solar energy which falls on the fringe of the ambiance really reaches the surface of Earth.

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The solar energy which reaches the Earth is absorbed by land, H2O organic structures and workss. The solar energy trapped by the land and H2O organic structures causes many phenomena in nature like air currents, storms, rain, snowfall and sea moving ridges etc. Plants utilize the solar energy to fix the nutrient by the procedure of photosynthesis.


As early in the seventh century B.C, people use amplifying glass to concentrate the visible radiation of Sun into beams so they would do wood to catch fire.

Many of hundred old ages ago a scientist used heat from a solar aggregator to do a watercourse to drive watercourse engine. Solar boilers are invented by Charles Greely Abbott an American astrophysicist, in 1936. The solar H2O warmer gained popularity at the same clip in Florida, California and Southwest. Today people use heat energy to heat edifices and H2O to bring forth electricity.


The sum of energy received per second by one square metre country near the Earth infinite at an mean distance between the Sun and Earth is called solar constant.The energy near the Earth recieves from the Sun is about 1.4 kilojoules persecond persquare metre and this measure is known as solar constant.The mean distance between the Sun and Earth is astronomical unit ( 1.495*1011m ) . The solar invariable is represented as Ion.


Capturing the solar energy and putiing in usage a hard work, because Sun does non direct a big sum of energy at one topographic point. The energy emitted by Sun at one topographic point depends upon certain conditions like the clip of the twenty-four hours, season, latitude of country and the clarity or cloudness of the sky.A solar aggregator is the manner roll uping the heat from the Sun. Devicess for capturing the Sun 's energy over a big country and concentrating it on a little country, thereby concentrating it. In this manner it can be made to supply highly high temperatures, used to bring forth steam that will used to transport out a chemical reaction to bring forth a portable fuel such as H. Solar aggregators may be curved dishes.

Solar aggregator allows the sunshine in through the glass or plastic and the Sun visible radiation is changed into the heat energy. A really good illustration of solar aggregator is a auto standing in sunshine. On cheery twenty-four hours, a closed auto becomes a solar aggregator. Light energy base on ballss through the window glass and absorbed by the auto 's inside and converted into the heat energy. The auto 's spectacless do non let the light come out. That 's why green house stay warm around a twelvemonth.

[ 5 ]


A photovoltaic cell is a device which converts the sunlight energy ( solar energy ) into electrical energy.these are besides known as solar cell or PV.

The photovoltaic word has come from exposure agencies light and galvanic means a measurment of electricity.

A individual solar cell can bring forth merely a little sum of electricity. To acquire a more electrical power a group of many cells joined together. The group of solar cell is known as solar panel or solar cell panel. Photovoltaic 's have long had many applications, such as PV-powered orbiters, tickers, and reckoners. The launch of Vanguard 1 in 1958, PV engineering is the energy beginning of pick for such extraterrestrial applications, orbiters and infinite investigations.

[ 1 ] SOLAR Cookers:

The solar cooker is the device is used to cook the nutrient by using the heat energy radiant by the Sun. It uses sunlight as beginning of energy. A box type solar cooker can be used to cook merely those nutrient stuffs which require slow warming. It can non be used for those stuffs which require high warming. For illustration it can non be used for baking and frying. It is used to cook the nutrient stuffs like rice, pulsations and veggies. The high temperature can be produced with the aid of concave mirror reflector.

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[ 7 ] SOLAR SPACE Heating:

It means heating the infinite inside a edifice. Today many places use solar energy for infinite warming. There are two general types of solar infinite heating systems:

Passive Solar Heating

Active Solar Heating

Passive Solar Heating:

In inactive solar warming, the edifice itself serves as a aggregator of solar thermic energy. Greenhouses made of glass or other crystalline stuffs are possibly the most good know application of inactive solar. A inactive solar house does non utilize any particular mechanical equipment to reassign the heat that the house collects on cheery yearss. A inactive solar place Acts of the Apostless as closed auto does. Sunlight passes through a place 's Windowss and is absorbed in the walls and floors of the houses.

Active solar Heating:

When solar energy is non plenty an active solar place uses mechanical equipment, such as pumps and an outside beginning of energy to assist heat the house

Active systems use particular solar aggregators that look like boxes covered with glass. Dark-colored metal home bases inside the boxes absorb the sunshine and alteration it into heat.

Solar concentrating mirror dishes


A A A The chief challenge confronting solar energy is that the Sun shines merely during the twenty-four hours or we can utilize solar energy merely in the presence of Sun. Summer is the clip of least energy demand for Alaskans, although this is besides the clip of twelvemonth with daytime. On norm, the sunniest parts of Alaska receive less than half of the sum of the entire solar energy throughout the twelvemonth. It is really less as compared the sunniest topographic points in the southwesterly US. Besides, large-scale storage methods for solar energy are non available today. Electric storage batteries are able to hive away merely little sums of electricity.A PV faculties typically produce the most power during the portion of twenty-four hours with the highest electricity demand, and PV-produced electricity remains really expensive compared to other beginnings of electricity. For most place applications, PV systems besides require expensive battery and AC inverters.

A A A Solar thermal energy could be cost effectual for peculiarly in passive-solar designed places. For place installings, there are a limited sum of qualified commercial installers of solar energy equipment. A The on the job life-time of a PV faculty is around 40 old ages, the energy payback clip of such a faculty is anyplace from 1 to 30 old ages, and normally under five, depending on the type and the sum of Sun where it is used. This means that PV panels can be net energy manufacturers, and can `` reproduce '' themselves up to more than 30 times over their life-time.


1. Renewable Beginning of Energy:

Solar energy is a renewable resource of energy. It can non be utilized at dark or on nebulose yearss, its handiness may be by and large relied upon twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. The solar energy supply will last every bit long as the Sun.

2.Non Polluting Soruce

Solar energy is non-polluting beginning of energy. It does non foul our air by let go ofing C dioxide, N oxide, sulfur dioxide into the ambiance like many traditional signifiers of electrical coevalss does.

3.Saves Money:

The energy from the Sun is free. Solar energy does non necessitate any fuel. It reduces the electricity measure. The usage of solar energy indirectly reduces wellness costs. The supply of solar energy is non affected by demand of fuel. It is the inexpensive beginning of energy. The nest eggs are immediate and for many old ages to come.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

Solar Energy is clean, renewable and sustainable, assisting to protect our environment. It does non foul our air by let go ofing C dioxide, N oxide, sulfur dioxide or quicksilver into the ambiance like many traditional signifiers of electrical coevalss does. It is non responsible for planetary heating, acerb rain or smog. It contributes to the lessening of harmful green house gas emanations.

5. The Need of No or Low Care:

Solar Energy systems are maintenance free and will last for decennaries. Solar energy systems operate mutely, have no moving parts, do non let go of violative odors and do non necessitate you to add any fuel. We can acquire easy more solar panels in the hereafter.

6. Solar cells have a long life period.

7. It is used for cooking the nutrient saves cherished fuels like coal, kerosine and LPG. When nutrient is cooked in cooker in the presence of sunshine its foods do non acquire destroyed.

Disadvantage OF SOLAR ENERGY:

Besides such of import advantages, there are a few drawbacks of solar energy every bit good.

The chief disadvantage is the cost of put ining a solar energy system, mostly because of the high cost of the semi-conducting stuffs used in constructing one.

The most obvious one is that solar power can non be created at dark due to the absence of Sun.

The engineering progresses bing system could dawdle behind and there is demand to recycle the PV.

The installing of solar power equipments such as cells/panels is really expensive.

It is a weak energy beginning as compared to fossil fuels.


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