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Does Advertising Affect Effect Our Food Choices

With 11 herbs and spices, it’s finger licking good.Good evening ladies and gentlemen.“There is no love sincerer than the love for food.

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” Said Sir George Bernard Shaw. Advertisers buy our love of food with big, flashy, bright adverts. For years, advertising has influenced us. We see them everywhere, on TV, the newspaper, billboards and on the web. Many scientific studies have shown that advertising influences the food we choose.

Did you know that the average American child watches 20 000 food adverts a year, 9 out of ten are for fatty high sugar containing foods. The obesity epidemic is related to the rise in advertising. We are digging our graves with our very own forks and knives. Billions of dollars are spent each year on advertising, so that business can get their food onto your plate. This is very profitable. McDonalds spends about 2 billion dollars each year, advertising. Therefore, they control 64% of the United States hamburger market. % of the world’s population eats McDonalds every day. Mmm and they are loving it. Like most parents you’re sitting there, feeling completely helpless, knowing how much your precious darlings love the advertised fast foods. You rationalize that this is fresh food, prepared under 5 minutes and miraculously served at room temperature, how convenient is that? You silently wish that you did not know that it is made up of ingredients with more preservatives than an Egyptian mummy.

This is the moment of truth. Researchers have shown that if nutritious foods are advertised, people are more likely to choose healthy foods. You have the power to demand responsible advertising. Like Barack Obama once said: It is time to change the way we do business. This will demand new thinking, and a new sense of responsibility. You can protect our future generations. So if music be the food of love , play on!!!

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