DNA Test

live, harmless bacteria and heat-killed, harmful bacteria
Which bacteria killed the mice in Griffith’s transformation experiment?
DNA was the transforming factor
What did Avery conclude caused transformation?
The harmless bacteria would not of been transformed, and the mice would of lived.
What would of happened if Avery added an enzyme that digested all the nucleic acid to the mixture of the heat-killed bacteria, added the mixture to harmless bacteria and injected the mixture into the mice?
there is a chemical that contains genetic information that can be passed from one organism to another
Griffith’s experiments advanced the study of genetics by proving that…
What do bacteriophages infect?
DNA contains phosphorus and no sulfur.
Why did Hershey and Chase label the viral DNA with radioactive phosphorus and not radioactive sulfur?
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sex cells
In which cells is the accurate transmission of information most important?
deoxyribose + phosphate group + cytosine
Which of the following is a nucleotide found in DNA?
thymine molecules in DNA is about equal to the percentage of adenine molecules
Because of base pairing in DNA, the percentage of …
The bases are both long (big/two rings/purines)
What structural problem prevents adenine from pairing with guanine?
Chargaff showed that adenine and thymine were found in equal percentages in DNA, but he did not know this was because of base pairing.
What did Chargaff contribute to the study of DNA?
Watson and Crick
Which scientific figured out that the shape of a DNA molecule is a double helix?
Chargaff’s ratios of nucleotides-> Franklin makes an X-ray diffraction photo of DNA -> Watson and Crick identify the double helix
What is the chronological order the important discoveries in the structure of DNA?
x-ray diffraction photos of the DNA molecule
What did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the effort to identify the structure of DNA?
each with one new strand and one original strand
DNA replication results in two DNA molecules,
During DNA replication, a DNA strand that has the bases CTAGGT produces a strand with the bases
What enzyme works to add DNA to ends of chromosomes in rapidly dividing cells such as those found in an embryo, to prevent genes from being lost during replication?
in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, how many copies of the chromosome are left after replication
before cell division
in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, DNA replication happens
double helix
The Watson and Crick model of DNA is a _______, in which two strands are wound around each other.
Hydrogen bonds
__________ are weak bonds that hold the two strands of DNA together, but also allow the DNA to separate and replicate.
Chromatin contains proteins called ______.
The tips of chromosomes are known as ___________.
polymer is to monomer as DNA is to ____________.
one of the strands in DNA appears to be upside down or running in the opposite direction. this property is called _____________.