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Divergent is set in a dystopian society and is classified as a science fiction movie. It takes place in a futuristic Chicago. The main characters are Beatrice prior (Tris), Tobias (Four) and Jeanine Mattews. In their society They are divided into five factions dauntless, amity, abnegation, candor and erudite.

The character's choices are strongly impacted by the society they choose to live in. Tris is divergent, which means she is a free thinker, which is forbidden. Tris receives help from Four throughout the movie because they both are Divergent, and he wants to help her pass the test, so she won't get killed. The movie divergent represents a good dystopian film. There is a romantic connection between Four and Tris throughout this movie. The movie Divergent is action packed.

In the movie Divergent there is a corrupt government. There is an illusion that the society they live in is “perfect”. Jeanine is the main person in erudite and she is the leader of all the groups. For example, there was a part in the movie where dauntless had to get a chip put into their necks so that the government would have complete control over them. For example, they were surrounded by a big wall to keep them inside and they were told never to leave because they were made to fear the outside world. They were under complete surveillance.

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There was a romantic connection between Four and Tris. They became close after testing because four recognized the Divergent qualities in Tris because he also had them. He then told her he was divergent too and they would help each other mask their Divergent qualities when they were put to the test. He helped her out because he did not want her to get caught and killed when she had to do final testing. They also fought battles together.

The movie was very action packed. It constantly had you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next. One example from the film is when Tris first got into dauntless, they had to jump off a cliff and into a hole and they didn’t know what was underneath. There was a net underneath the hole and if you couldn’t jump you couldn’t join dauntless. The whole movie was action based and suspenseful.

Divergent is one of those movies you could watch repeatedly. It shows what a true dystopian film looks like. It also contains romance, action and adventure. This film is for all ages.

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