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“Bowling for columbine” Movie Review

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As you can tell from the title of the movie “Bowling for Columbine” or if you have watched it, it is based on the high school shooting that had occurred in Littleton, Colorado and how gun use in America has led to violence among everyone, even teenagers. Bowling for Columbine opens with a very weird first impression that became famously touted by critics promoting the movie. Moore walks into a bank that is holding an unusual promotion, open an account with a bank with a minimum deposit, and you get a hunting rifle.

It seemed too outrageous to be true…but after filling out the paperwork and receiving his money, the bank presents him with his new gun. I didn’t know how banks can give out guns (after all people rob banks with guns not toys! ). Michael Moore uses Bowling for Columbine as an example of what can happen when guns are in the hands of disturbed teens and disturbed people and he blames it on the guns and those who sell them.

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This movie shows the reality that we face every day in the USA and how it can prevented. Also mentioned in the movie is how Marilyn Manson had to do with the Columbine death but because of the lack of information on how Marilyn Manson was not the blame for Columbine and also how every time a gun related

crime happened, the president of the NRA would present a gun intervention in the same city which I personally think is absorb and ridiculous (it really gets on my nerves! ). Michael Moore interviews members of the Michigan Militia, which is a group of people who spend a lot of time shooting guns in the countryside. From there, he moves on to teenagers who live in the towns of Michigan where he grew up, to survivors of the Columbine Massacre, to various people in Canada, who seem to like guns as much as Americans do, but who still don’t murder each other nearly as frequently.

In the end, Moore asks a lot of questions about the nature of American society, and while he doesn’t always give us answers, he does conclude that the United States is a nation that is filled with both too many guns and way too much fear. My favorite part of the movie is when Moore marches two surviving teen victims, bullets lodged in their bodies into Kmart and show how easily bullets and ammunition can be out with no type of license or anything and when later on they when to the Kmart company and displayed all the ammunition they had bought from Kmart in there lobby and had brought news crews in as well.

That same day, a Kmart spokesperson, in front of the live cameras announced that they will suspended the sales of ammunition in all Kmart stores and Michael Moore and the 2 students never thought that it would come down to this! Also Moore had said something which I really found amusing, he said “Are we a country of gun nuts or just nuts? ” and I think we are a little bit of both. I myself am against gun rights in America, but in a way it is impossible to stop selling guns because if the sales of guns were to be illegal, guns would be sold on the streets illegally and guns would increase and cause more crime.

In my opinion I say one less gun, one less tragedy, but it’s not always the guns fault, it’s how the media directs fear into people’s minds as the movie had directed many times. A part of the movie was concentrated on Canada and how they are almost similar to us but you never see their news being a bad influence to its people. Fear causes people to believe everything they are told. Always have in mind that Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! The way I would amend the 2nd amendment is first I would make strict laws on the ways how you can purchase guns. If you wanted to purchase a gun anywhere in the United State, you

would have to apply 5 months in advance and write a 2 page explanation of why you want to buy this certain weapon. You would also have to have at least a High school diploma and have attended college or be employed and your boss would have to give a “Ok” on purchasing a weapon. Second, I would increase the prices of guns and ammunition by 200% so now one can afford to buy guns unless they find it necessary to own any type of weapon. Third, I’d place a GPS tracker on every single gun imported or made in the United States, and make a new law that where ever you have purchased the weapon within the state, you cannot take that

weapon out of the state without notification to the Dealership which the weapon had been purchased and if you were to break any of these law, there will be a minimum of 2 years sentence because gun ownage is nothing to joke around with. I as American would feel much safer if such laws would exist. I conclude that even with all the violence that occurs on our streets today, even one person can make a difference in not buying a hand gun of any kind. We as students need more social awareness, parental interaction, and protection by our existing laws. We are the future of our country and we can make a difference one step at a time!

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