Discrepancies Between Physical and Financial Health And its Impact On The Population

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2023
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In “Financial Health is Public Health,” the Jason Purnell wrote about the discrepancies between physical and financial health and its impact on the population. He elucidates that adults worry about their finance. The connection between financial stress to health is explicit in the survey result. Nearly one-third of respondents who say that struggling to get by financially affects their ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. While more than twenty percent who say that they have either considered or have skipped medical visits because they lack the financial resources. Not surprisingly, adults with lower incomes experience higher levels of stress- related to their finances are more likely to cope with smoking, eating, and drinking alcohol in excess all of which increase their risk for chronic conditions like kidney and heart disease.

Children also experience a severe type of stress called “Toxic stress” and are also at increased risk for negative behavioral and health outcomes as adults. Though commonly thought of as a purely subjective experience of feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. Purnell later concludes that to be robust physical health and financial well-being should be a focal point in discussions because it is essential to the country and its people. I agree with the views of Purnell’s argument regarding financial health and its implications on physical health. Most of what he said resonates with me, especially when he mentions that children who are exposed to poverty at an early age often show signs of behavioral issues.

This is understandable because they did not enjoy their childhood. They had to fend for themselves at an early age which most times leads to abuse. This can also explain delinquent behaviors and poor academic performance. I did not agree with Purnell’s views on universal health care. I believe in equal opportunity. Health care is paramount. It shouldn’t be that people are turned away because they cannot afford the care they need. Or in the case that they did not get the best care because they did not pay as much as the other person. I believe everyone is of equal importance. However, until we develop the core value of compassion, this problem will not be resolved.

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In the article “Liberty vs Security: An old debate renewed in the age of terror” The author David Haynes shares his opinion on how the NSA is spying on people that do not pose a threat to the United States. He also shares that Edward Snowden was the whistleblower responsible for exposing the NSA bulk data collection program. He shares that there is a system that allows the branches to monitor each other. This system known as checks and balances will only be successful if the branches of government are honest with each other. Hayes believes that every country needs a person like Snowden to highlight secrets and protect civilian freedom.

I believe Haynes has a point that the government has a rift in its decision to regulate, as far as relinquishing freedom for security. After the end of the bulk data collection program, Americans felt that they have regained their freedom and their trust in the government. I can only imagine the expense of the program. And taxpayers would shoulder this bill. There must be a better way that is not time-consuming and inexpensive to protect the country without invading the privacy of citizens which is unlawful according to the fourth amendment. It can be concluded that both health and freedom are integral functions that require the attention and support of the public to fulfill society’s interest in assuring the conditions in which people can be healthy and free.

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