The Benefits of Laughter and Its Effects on the Physical and Emotional Health

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Last Updated: 25 Nov 2022
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These literature review explore the benefits of laughter and demonstrate the effects on your physical and emotional health. Focus on humor and laughter can help you to strengthen your immune system and in addition can improve your person's spirit and vigor. Other benefits are the decreasing of physical suffering and protection from the development of stress. The finest of this wonderful medicine is that it is free of cost, enjoyable and accessible to do with practice. (Allen, 2014) (Martin, 2002). Laughter is a powerful antidote to pain, conflict and stress. Nothing works faster and better than to bring your body and mind into a good laugh.

Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, cures pain and the most important thing, connects you to others. Laughter is good for your health because it decreases stress hormones and diminishes pain. Laughter increases immune cells, which improve your resistance to disease. Humor might bring positive influence into your physical health. Laughter could also satisfy your emotional states which may cause beneficial effects on your immune system as well. (Martin, 2002). According to Daniel Allen, in his article titled, "Laughter Really Can Be the Best Medicine." Allen stated that, use of humor can unlock productive and effective relationship between patients and nurses (Allen, 2014). Taking the risk of building a relationship between the nurse and client will bring brilliant results, because the nurse and patients will enter in a relationship of respect, concern and support.

This allows them to be care for each other, which will guide them to try the best medicine which is laughter and humor. In the article titled, "Laughter really can be the best medicine" by Daniel Allen. He talk about how nurse are reluctant to use humor with patients. The reason that cause this issue, is the lack of confidence and the afraid of judgement. Many nurses, don't challenge themselves to take the risk of make their patient smile. Because the majority of them believe that it's something unprofessional and inappropriate. Apparently most of the nurses, doesn't know that the laughter could help them and their clients to build a confidence relationship between both of them. Which will make the treatment to work very easy. Daniel Allen, explained the importance of taking the risk and make your client smile. Allen who writes, "Many of my patients are in their seventies and eighties.

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They often live alone and are isolated. In most case I am the only person they see all day. If I can make them smile, it will make their lives more bearable. Then they are happier and more willing to comply with their treatment" (Allen, 2014). I'm agree with Allen, if you as a nurse ever have the opportunity to make your patient laugh do it. Because it will be a pleasure for you and even more for them. The majority of sick people are living by themselves without nobody that could give a hug and kiss to them. The worst thing is they are very old, so try to make their days happy making them laugh (Allen, 2014).

According to Allen's quote, this one concluded and demonstrate that the laughter can really help with your emotional states. Which may cause beneficial effects on your immune system. Because when you laugh, you allow yourself to forget about pains, diseases and sadness. It also prove that laughter can really be the best medicine. The next article is named, " Is laughter the best medicine? Humor, Laughter, and Physical health by Rod A. Martin. He explored, about the famous idea based on humor and laughter have beneficial effect on physical health. This belief has become increasingly famous in recent years. Martin explained, how might humor and laughter influence physical health. He stated that there three potential mechanism with different functions and they worth. According to Martin the first one presented is, "Laughter might produce physiological changes in various system of the body, which may have beneficial effect on health" (Martin, 2014). In others words, laughter will fabricate and development new physical reaction which may change the system of the body and that will allow your system to receive some benefits for your health (Martin, 2014).

Martin quote the second potential mechanisms from Fredrickson, ""Humor and laughter might affect health by inducing positive emotional states, which may in turn have beneficial effects on health, such as increasing pain tolerance, enhancing immunity and undoing the cardiovascular consequences of negative emotions" (Fredrickson, 200). In otherwise Fredrickson stablished, what are the benefits that humor and laughter produce. These benefits are brilliant because just with a simple smile, you can help your body to bring positive vibes and scape for a while from the terrible pain that you are going through (Fredrickson, 200). L

aughter and humor also can protect you from the development of stress. And if you already are involved with stress, laughter can decrease the reproduction of it and help you to prevent a disease from the stress. Because laughter have the facility to relax your body. To prove this third potential, Martin writes a quote from O'Leary. This author stated, "Humor might benefit health indirectly by moderating the adverse effects of stress on health. A considerable body research indicates that stressful life experiences can have adverse effects on various aspects of health, including suppression of the immune system and increased risk of infectious disease and heart disease" (O'Leary, 1990).

According to O'Leary, he explained the causes produced by the stressful live experiences. Which may outcome with terrible effect that can affect the heart. Guiding you to obtain a disease, and even more worse, have a disease the stress may it worsen the situation. (O'Leary, 1990). if you already In conclusion as both articles "Laughter really can be the best medicine" by Daniel Allen and "Is the laughter the best medicine? Humor, Laughter, and Physical Health" by Rod A. Martin. Stablished and explained the benefits focus on humor and laughter. Both experts are agree about the finest of this amazing medicine. Which is really important and worth for the decreasing of physical suffering and development of stress. In addition as both experts mentioned, humor and laughter can also benefit your immune system by making it powerful. The most important and unbelievable point, is that the best medicine is free of cost. Which is made it for anyone who would like to scape from the disease, stress and problem for a while. Smile, life is beautiful.

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