Digital Age and Global marketing

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Today in the area of sales and marketing, digital age or the age of internet has helped the marketers to connect to customers to help dramatically get associated with the various business processes and the rules there-of. The creation of a Digital age by getting equipped with vast web capabilities and technologies is the requirement in today’s information age to satisfy the informative demanding customer. Internet thus has helped as an important tool under the promotional mix categorized as a means for Direct Marketing.

If marketers adopt it meaningfully, if they are in a position to conduct a dialogue based discussion on the web portal, if they can initiate a conversation between the customer and the firm, then it is considered to be the greatest strength of the company who will result in predicting the best business drivers required. Thus as we also are consumers of certain products, getting internet promotions pre-sales and post-sales is the need of the hour and is the cheapest form considered. But this web-based age does encourage networking between stakeholders and partners, having trade and consumer associations and person-to-person marketing.

In the digital age marketing scenario, time and speed are the most important as it is also used as a tool to educate and inform the masses. Brick and click has thus proved to be advantageous to our digital consumers in the arena of cyber culture (Gmii. com, 2001). Prospective customers are definitely affected by privacy and hence would always prefer personal contact. Digital age should act as an advancement to develop another means for marketing but shouldn’t substitute the sales force.

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Despite the huge advantages of Digital Age, consumers are very secretive to have a transaction online because it affects their privacy which forces them to lose power of their personal issues. Surveillance by using technology to capture the personal information by using listening and spying devices in the age of dataveillance is what customers are skeptical about. Businesses should therefore develop something called as a trust infrastructure which vouches for the safety of information and builds better relationships. Thus buyers and sellers should transact without disclosing the identity and the authenticity of the other.

Therefore consumers themselves must be given the control to use the digital age of media only if they feel the firm is worth relying upon. Consumers’ in-turn has to be very vigilant about the transactions they conduct on the web (Zwick, D. et al. 1999). A double bottom line system could be beneficial to the firm but it takes time to get successful results. Considering revenue diversification, mission and focusing on the cost effectiveness the best results could be achieved for which Digital age of marketing would facilitate the process in a speedy manner (Iff. org, 2008).

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