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The important is that leaders who stand by their president should understand leadership styles and other factors such as cultural change, enumeration gaps, different reporting leaderships, wellness and effective communication principles that shape how they interact with other people. Our leadership development in this seminar is not for just to know about the History of the Presidents but also applying strategies in leadership. Not only that but also the values that we gain physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Review of related literature According to Brenda British, Knick Martin, Amy Sticking, Betray Tomato and Patti Tuck on their study "Literacy in Aftershock Programs" that one of heir goal is to build local capacity rich academic content through engaging and challenging activities, defined for purpose as academic enrichment. It is our belief that aftershock programs should not simply duplicate or extend the school day, but offer high-interest alternatives that supplement school- day learning in a variety of ways.

To do this successfully, aftershock programs must first consider the range of factors that contribute to providing effective academic enrichment to participants'. Et al "Literacy in Aftershock Programs", 2005. The Impact of After School Programs That Promote Personal and Social Skills" by Joseph A. Durbar and Roger P. Heisenberg also studies about the impact of after-school programs.

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On the negative side, the unsupervised time puts youth at risk for such negative outcomes as academic and behavioral problems, drug use and other types of risky behavior (Hessian & Cottonseeds, 2001 On the positive side, young people benefit when they spend time engaged in structured pursuits that offer opportunities for positive interactions with adults and peers, encourage them to contribute and aka initiative, and contain challenging and engaging tasks that help them develop and apply new skills and personal talents. After-School Programs in the 21 SST Century" of Harvard Family Research Project. According to them, the country is now engaged in public discussions about how to best expand time and opportunities for children and youth in ND out of school in order to actively and effectively support their learning and development across the day, throughout the year, and from kindergarten through high school. Debate continues about the range of academic, social, and other types of knowledge and skills that children and youth will need to succeed as workers, citizens, and family and community members in a global world.

However, most would agree that this list of knowledge and skills includes the kinds of outcomes that research suggests can be achieved through sustained participation in well-structured and well implemented after school programs and activities. Well-implemented programs can have a positive impact on a range of academic, social, prevention, and other outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children and youth.  School Programs in the 21 SST Century", 2008. Theoretical Framework According to George Herbert Mead's "symbolic interactions perspective" or "symbolic interactions", we act towards people or things with regards to the definition we give to it.

With the use of language we are giving meaning to people or things to communicate or to better understand each other. Symbolic interpretation is the way that we interpret things around us. In the way we understand symbols are modified through our thoughts. Minding/ inner conversation is a reflective pause or the two seconds halt our brain does when we are constructing what to reply. In the seminar we have encountered, we symbolizes the Presidents of the Philippines in we tackle their lives and what they have do or what they have contribute to the Philippines. It was also a successful way to present the present the Presidents of the Philippines that we have interpret them. Conceptual Framework Independent Variable

Program "MGM Dawdling Lagan, Racial Is President" Dependent Variable Attitudes Values Behavior This study was conducted to determine the impact of the program "MGM Taking Lagan, Racial Is My President' on the attitudes, values and behavior of the teacher education students of LISPS-SC from year 2012-2014. This study serves as a means of source to be use by all students in holding a seminar and to be a guide for them. There will be a result in conducting this result.

The program "MGM Taking Lagan, Racial Is My President" has no impact on the attitudes, values and behavior of the teacher education students of L SPUN- SC from year 2012-2014. Significance of the study A seminar is a small group discussion in a formal setting with clear agenda. The agenda to be discussed is about "MGM Taking Lagan: Racial is my President" is a kind off Leadership program which helps us to provides a new kind of work and frequently a new kind of skill. Lessons from the past often help us to prepare for the future.

It is imperative that this activity acquire the totality of the information and qualities of education through instructions and training which maximize the development of an individual physically, mentally and morally. For the goal of the Seminar this kind of program is not only to find out if it is well done but instead, it seeks to find out what it achieved and if it is worth the expenses. Am finding that these skills are not only important for good leadership but life as well.

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