The Importance of Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment in Different Types of Relationships

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When it comes to love in needs a few thing and some of them are passion, intimacy and commitment. However depending the type of love or relationship varies. Passion is a form of an emotion that is how you feel someone, and intimacy is a measurement of how close you are to someone or familiar with them. Finally commitment is the act of being committed or committing yourself, to someone a measurement of loyalty. Now for each of love or relationship these three things are provided in different ways.

Such as in a relationship with a friend the loyalty is strong and a form of passion and intimacy happens on a low enough level that most do not become physically engaged with each other. Now a family relationship these three things happen a slightly higher level with an extremely low level of physical of engagement such a hug or a kiss on the chick. Now a mutual relationship between two people unrelated in anyway, may have been friends at one point and time; but the level have increase in a way that there may or may not been some kind of physical engagement , a form of loyalty (commitment), passion and intimacy on a high level.

All three of these form of relationship meaning and purpose are very different but the thing they have in common is very much the just in different intervals. It all boiling down to who, what, where, when, and how; But to try define something based emotion and the human mind is to try and define why most water runs south or why the wind blows or how the earth is the only inhabited planet. Each one of these is related because all relationships need these three things to function.

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To be hones this is all I can write about this, but if I must write more, I strongly believe that love is what really makes the world go round and develop people on a mysterious ways. Explaining how you believe an individual’s attachment style can affect the types of love relationships he or she has. An individual’s attachment style can greatly affect the type of love of relationships he or she has because, the attachment is define on the type of relationship as well the relationship, define one the attachment. This can also cause trouble among a relationship because one person’s level of attachment maybe stronger than the others.

Or someone who is attached to someone who is not; this is how in some cases stalking happens or heart break. An attachment affects someone relationship because there is a need for attachment, where there is a need, there is a want as well as a requirement. Basically what I mean is the attachment defines a relationship because the attachment is based on the emotionally as well as the physical that is geared towards the person the attachment is for. An attachment is a bases as well as glue for a relationship defining it in a way for it to grow and be prosperous.

And as a relationship grows so does the relationship, thou I still warn of an over attachment, in some instances it can become dangerous. Different level of attachment is how you are attached or feel towards your, sister, your mother, father, mother, daughter, son, friend and neighbors. Its how you are and feel towards each person you meet on your day to day life. as well as the people who come and go in your life. Building attachment and relationship as your grow old. It is the nesseccary good and evil of a relationship because attachments don’t always stay as they sometimes go and fade away.

How can you ask someone to define an attachment, because no one really know except from their own experience, to define something from their own experience show the truth of their deferment and so the true color of what is meant in their words. Can it be expanded it a certain amount of words, maybe or maybe not; because people do run out of things to say. What I want to say is this, if you are not attached to the person whom you have a relationship with; no matter what level it is, and then you do not have a relationship.

What is that you do have I cannot say, but it is best not spend time on it and is will benefit both if you simply walk away from it. So you have to view attachment from a certain view point and frankly it goes to a point of how the heart feels. An attachment is based on the relationship and affects the relationship because the attachment is based on the relationship, the level of love (sounding a little repeating because of the unessacery word count needed) . the attachment brings some together and some apart.

The attachment is the defining moment in some cases when it is discovered. For an example when I discovered the attachment that I had to the women who later becomes my wife, I was overjoyed and pursued the attachment so I could keep the filling of happiness. We have now been married for five years and I couldn’t be even more happier. The attachment started our relationship and has defined it for these last five year and that is my point on how attachment affects relationships. If there where was anything else I could say about this then I would but I have ran out of words.

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