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The term captain is synonymous with the term leader. By definition, a leader is someone who is in an advanced position to take the initiative in order to go forth and show the way. A dance captain should be able to make intelligent and creative decisions quickly and efficiently. Being a dance team captain for the Mighty Marching Lions has so much more to do with choreography and precision.

Because we are a part of a Christian marching band, our purpose and our duty to fulfill that purpose is ten times greater than that of a traditional marching band. Without God, we would not have this grand opportunity and because of that we have to do things differently than the world would. We as band members are all working towards a goal which is ministering and showing the world the power of youth through the will of God. A captain must be able to effectively communicate and build a positive relationship with the team.

A good relationship between captain and team is essential to the success of the team. Without it, everyone may not be on one accord and to accomplish our goals we all have to look and think like one. Every team has there issues and there is always going to be a time when someone is upset with someone else. Although our actions and words may not always project to be what we intend them to be, there are always reasonable solutions that can be taken in order to avoid altercations.

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We are of God and therefore we need to try our best to always show the love of God. I believe that I do posses many qualities of a leader. I am always pushing and striving to be greater. There may be times where I do get a dance move right away but I go home and practice until I feel I have mastered that move. I enjoy the fitness that we do before practice because I want a stronger body so that I can be a better dancer. I have a very independent personality and it is only because I want to be the best Christian, dancer, and overall person that I can be.

One of our dance tattoos is “No compromise”. I do not ever want to compromise myself or my beliefs to fit it. A leader never “fits in”. I always try my best to follow instructions because I know that this dance team is not only for me, it is for the world. We have to show the world the light. In this band you have to become selfless and know that when you are performing it is so that we can reach the world and save lives. Although I am also a dancer on my school’s dance team I would still be very committed to Divine Purpose.

My contributions to this dance team would be enthusiasm, hard work ethic, and dedication. I am very excited to be apart of this dance team. I have been apart from the very beginning. I remember our first performance at the WE Fest on that very small stage. We didn’t even have team T-shirts but we tried to dance our hearts out. Moments like those are ones I never want to forget. I cannot wait for the incoming dancers to begin so that our team can grow and flourish. Pastor Powe is always preaching on legacy and I want to be able to leave one for future dancers.

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