Compare the Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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When I spoke to the employer of the local paper shop, he told me that he shares many different rights and responsibilities with his employee's and they are the Health and Safety act and the Conditions of Employment. The Health and Safety act sets out rules that both the employer and employee should obey to run the business effectively, the employer has a right to provide safe equipment that won't put the employees in danger, however, the employee also has to obey any rule to the employer puts forward.

The employer also has to carry out regular tests on all of the equipment in the work place to ensure that it is a safe environment for both him and the employees. Employers are expected to give the employees a copy of the terms and conditions of their contract, for the local paper shop, this isn't a great deal, however if it was a larger business such as New Look, the employee has a right to a documentation of their contract.

There are also rules against sexual, racial and disability discrimination which the employer can't ever breach, however, employees also need to stick to this law too, for example, if a new person got employed and he was a different race, it is going against the discrimination and racial act if you take hate upon this person because of the way they look, what colour they are, etc. Both employers and employees should act in a controlled way around the workplace and not put any other employee in danger.

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