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Cutting Down on Your Computer Time

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Nowadays the teenagers spend most of their time on the computer. The internet can be used for relaxation, entertainment and information. Google is a very well-known site that people went to search for further knowledge. However, too much computer may lead to health problems such as backache and eye strain. Studies show that young people who spend too much time in front of computer may have social problems, less family interaction and fewer friends. Besides, they also lack of exercise and most importantly their study time has reduced.

To stop wasting time on computer and start organizing time for your studies just follow these simple steps to cut down on your computer time. Firstly, keep a record of how much time u spend on your computer and see how much time u have wasted on your computer. Next, do not use the computer just because you are jobless. Find something else to do such as reading a book. Engaging with a good novel or non-fiction work is a great way to distract yourself from the day's tasks, refresh your batteries, and inspire new ideas.

Then, prepare a timetable which reduces the time on your computer but more time for recreation and study. Last but not least, spend more time studying, recreation or interacting with your family. In time to come, your study time has organized and you have your new hobbies. You even have more time with your family and friends. Furthermore, u can even stay healthy and alert. Be a smart user, time is gold, do not let it waste all your time.

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