Essays on Electra

Essays on Electra

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Mourning Becomes Electra As a Modern Tragedy

Eugene Gladstone O’Neill is one of the greatest American playwrights, he is known for plays such as “Long Day’s Journey into Night” ,”Beyond the Horizon” (1920), “Anna Christie” (1922), “Strange Interlude” (1928), “Mourning Becomes Electra”(1931)and The Iceman Cometh (1946). His plays probe the American Dream, …

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Pages 8
Barbara and Electra Case Study

How might top management have done a better job changing Elektra Products into a new kind of organization? What might they do now to get the empowerment process back on track? Analysis of the case study Main issues Declining of Market shares Few new product …

Case StudyElectra
Words 1826
Pages 7
Love electra donates thousands of products

San Antonio, TX, April 9, 2008 Love Electra will be donating thousands of its inspiring t-shirt products to the national media advocacy and anti-defamation organization the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for the commemoration of its 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, an extended …

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Electra is one of the most popular mythological characters in tragedies. She is the main character in two Greek tragedies, Electra by Sophocles and Electra by Euripides. She is also the central figure in plays by Aeschylus, Alfieri, Voltaire, Hofmannsthal, and Eugene O'Neill.


Electra, (Greek: “Bright One”) in Greek legend, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, who saved the life of her young brother Orestes by sending him away when their father was murdered. When he later returned, she helped him to slay their mother and their mother's lover, AegisthusAegisthusAegisthus was the son of Thyestes and Thyestes' own daughter Pelopia, an incestuous union motivated by his father's rivalry with the house of Atreus for the throne of Mycenae. AegisthusAegisthus - .


Electra's parents were King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra. Her sisters were Iphigeneia and Chrysothemis, and her brother was Orestes. In the Iliad, Homer is understood to be referring to Electra in mentioning "Laodice" as a daughter of Agamemnon.


Electra is the Goddess of the Sea Clouds that gather around islands near the summits of mountains. The name Electra from which we get the word electricity was the name of these clouds as lightning was often seen in them.


The Electra complex is a psychoanalytic term used to describe a girl's sense of competition with her mother for the affections of her father. It is comparable to the Oedipus complex in males. According to Freud, during female psychosexual development, a young girl is initially attached to her mother.

Frequently asked questions

What are the themes in Electra?
There are many themes in Electra, but some of the most prominent ones include justice, revenge, betrayal, and family. Electra is a play about a young woman who is seeking revenge for her father's murder, and she must overcome many obstacles - including her own family - in order to get to the truth. Along the way, she faces betrayal, learns about the power of justice, and ultimately comes to understand the importance of family.
What makes Electra as a tragedy?
First, the story is about a woman who is driven to revenge her father's murder. This creates a sense of tragedy because Electra is driven by her emotions and her desire for justice, rather than reason. Additionally, the story is set in a time of great political upheaval, which adds to the sense of tragedy. Finally, the play ends with the death of Electra's brother, which creates a sense of loss and tragedy.
What role does Electra play in the death of her mother?
In the play, Electra's role is to avenge her father's death by killing her mother. She does this by goading her mother's lover, Aegisthus, into killing her. She also plays a role in the death of her sister, Chrysothemis, by convincing her to help her kill their mother.
Why did Euripides write Electra?
Euripides probably wrote Electra for a number of reasons. First, the story of Electra would have been familiar to his audience, as it was a popular Greek myth. Second, the story of Electra is a tragedy, and Euripides was known for writing tragedies. Third, the story of Electra is a good example of the theme of revenge, which was a popular theme in Greek literature. Finally, the story of Electra would have been a good vehicle for Euripides to express his own views on women and gender roles.

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