Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage

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Tanya Givans Mrs. Lamptey English-099 02-09-2010 Couples Should Cohabit before Marriage In the beginning of a relationship, there is a lot of excitement, giddiness, infatuation, lust and romance. As the relationship grows stronger, there are important decisions that need to be made. One in particular is the living arrangements of the couple. There are couples that decide to live together before marriage to see if their partnership will work. Some people are appalled by the fact that a couple would move in together and live as a married couple, because they believe it to be ungodly and that ex and children should only be a result of marriage. However, there are people who do not believe in religion, nor do they care if you live together before marriage or not . Couples should live together before marriage because they will learn more about themselves and each other before taking such a big step. Couples living together prior to marriage will find out if they are financially compatible. Once a couple makes the transition of moving in together, they will see how easy or hard it will be to manage their money. The fact of having one household instead f two will make it easy also all utility, water, grocery, and rent will be split in half. Living together before marriage will help a couple find out if maybe one is too frivolous with their money, and if the situation could be controlled before taking the next step into marriage. For example, maybe the boyfriend will get his paycheck go out to the bar spend and all of his money then come home broke. As a result, the girl is stuck paying the bills for the month. The financial burden of taken care of oneself is hard, but if a partner is irresponsible with their money, it can get expensive.

Couples that live together before marriage also will learn more about themselves. After a couple has moved in together, they will have all of these expectations of each other. For example, my husband and I lived together before we were married, during this time we gave up our single lives. There was no partying at the clubs, hanging out with friends, or any nightlife what so ever. So being in this relationship meant that we would be totally devoted to each other. Giving up your single life to join with your partner means losing freedom, and a sense of ones self.

Living together before marriage can help one to realize what a relationship is about, and if giving up their single life is what they are willing to sacrifice to share a lifetime with their partner. Marriage should last forever, so living together in advance can help a person realize if this is the life they want. Couples will learn more about their partner when living together before marriage. Hopefully, before a couple moves in together they will know if one another has any manners, bad habits or if one likes to fight. For example, when walking into the kitchen nd your boyfriend is moving the dishes out of the sink before he urinates in it. This would be disgusting and behavior like that is not acceptable. Or, after using the restroom he does not wash his hands. The lack of hand washing could actually be harmful especially if he prepares the family’s dinners. There are also more serious issues like when your partner is angry, will he or she get physically abusive. If a couple, has an irreparable problem in the relationship while living together then they can simply move out. Living together teaches a couple about their partners, and tolerance of each ther. In conclusion, some people may say that their religious practices do not allow them to live together before marriage, but I say couples should live together before marriage because they will learn more about themselves, their partners, and it is more convenient financially. Toleration of bad habits and the loss of one’s individualism will come with the territory of living together or being married. So if there are problems in the relationship now that cannot be fixed then it is safe to assume their will be problems if the couple foolishly decides to marry. .

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