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Why same-sex marriage should be legal

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Why same-sex marriage should be legal. BY aurore1997 Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Here we are today about to debate whether or not individuals in love with each other should be able to get married or not. Yet twelve years and 3 months is the time that has passed since the first homosexual marriage was made official in a Canadian province. Since 1996,because of the Defense of Marriage Act which prevented-and still does- homosexual couples from receiving benefits traditionally conferred by marriage ; states have scrambled to efine their own stance on the issue.

The restriction of marriage to heterosexual couples should be abolished because it is discriminatory to homosexual couples. Most conservatives use Christianity as a backup for their argument. But unlike what they may all think, homosexuality is not a sin. It is a strong tendency ordered towards a moral evil, you may want to discuss this point but it was said in a Vatican letter in the year 1986. Under the papacy of his holiness John Paul II. There's absolutely no eason of principle that emotional union should be restricted to heterosexual couples.

Nor are there any constitutional reason,in fact the act that 'defines' marriage to be the union of a man and a woman was proven unconstitutional. As it goes against the tenth amendment of the United States constitution. We believe that our society is open-minded but the issue of gay marriages proves us wrong. Homosexuals are called perverts by the majority of the world population. People that are supposed to set examples do not, in February 2004, a Belgian cardinal publicly aid that he would not open his door for any homosexuals because they are sexual perverts.

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Why same-sex marriage should be legal

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They are not perverts, they are sensitive humans like you and me , they just have a different sexual orientation, in fact a recent study proved that homosexuals rate their relationship more favorably than heterosexuals do and the average homosexual relationship lasts longer than the average heterosexual relationship. According to this study they 'know how to love' better than heterosexuals do. Despite all these factors, people still dare to call homosexuals perverts Just because they are the minority.

Is this not similar to racism ? In my opinion it sure is. Regarding the Belgian cardinal harsh words,a Vatican spokesperson said, "People with a homosexual inclination must be accepted with respect,compassion and sensitivity". Homosexuals feel more accepted after the marriage according to a survey. They also observed that people give more credibility and less perversity to their relationship when they are officially and legally arried.

We observed through bullying that what society feels about you can make you feel confident but it might as well push you to suicide. Refusing to legalize homosexual marriage gives the right to society to mock homosexuals and to exclude them because they are different. Exile leads to depression and to suicide in most cases. Do we want more unnatural deaths in this country ? I am sure we do not. The restriction of marriage to heterosexual couples should be abolished because it is discriminatory to homosexual couples.

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