Condenssed Milk in the UAE

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Sumeet Mathur, Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina Middle East says "For more than 50 years, Rainbow has been synonymous in the region for great taste and high quality dairy products. This is an outcome of continuously developing new products that fit the tastes and needs of consumers in the MiddleEast". The new pack has been launched as a result of extensive consumer understanding and research. Sweet dishes have a very special place in the food habits of the region's consumers. Sweetened Condensed Milk is an essential ingredient in several of these sweet dishes.

However, the process of using Sweetened Condensed Milk, from a tin, is inconvenient, leads to storage problems and a lot of wastage. The new Rainbow Sweetened Condensed Milk in a squeezy pack, on the other hand, is easy to pour and is resealable to prevent wastage. It offers consumers a more practical and economical alternative to the usual tin. The launch campaign includes heavy consumer activation on TV, through radio competitions, outdoor, sampling in supermarkets and on social media. In addition, at the store level, innovative point-of-sale material and a unique merchandising tool have been developed.

The focus of the campaign is to clearly communicate the benefits of the new packaging so that consumers enjoy the process of making the dessert as much as the dessert itself. RAINBOW Gold evaporated milk launched; Now add an irresistible taste to your tea The new product is the latest addition to Rainbow's evaporated milk range that already includes “Original”, “Cardamom” and “Light” variants. Produced using the best quality fresh cow's milk from farms across Northern Europe, Rainbow evaporated milk is made to perfectly complement the tea drinking habits of consumers across the Middle East.

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The launch of Rainbow Gold is evidence of the company's continuous efforts to evolve and bring suitable products that match the changing consumer demands across the region. Announcing the launch, Maurits Klavert, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Middle East, said: “Rainbow has been in the region for over 50 years offering quality dairy products that have become a way of life, handed down through the generations. Now is the time to enrich and uplift this experience. As part of this endeavor, we are delighted to introduce Rainbow Gold evaporated milk. We are sure tea lovers in the Middle East will enjoy it's richer and tastier appeal. ”

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