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Diabetes Screening Young People Uae Health And Social Care Essay

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Diabetess is a debatable wellness disease in the UAE. The proportions in the population are lifting at an dismaying rate. There are many factors giving rise to it, such as fleshiness, incorrect diet, unhealthy life styles and more. The authorities and health care institutes are seeking to do people cognizant of the dangers of diabetes, both for those who have it and those predisposed to it.

This paper will look at a possible wellness publicity program of testing for diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions for immature people in the UAE.

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion ( 1986 ) can be straight related to the wellness publicity and wellness instruction undertaking of testing for diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions for immature people in the UAE. There are five distinguishable countries related to this.

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Building of healthy Public Policy: This means that the authorities and the related wellness sections should be cognizant of the impact of the relevant policies and determinations with respect to their determinations every bit far as diabetes are concerned. All of these include better resource use, Torahs, societal policies and joint and combined action to raise consciousness and Foster better health care for diabetes. Obstacles to the publicity of the diabetes testing procedure demand to be removed and the manner cleared to implement the program easy.

Creation of Supportive Environments: The complexness and interrelation of the UAE society demand to be acknowledged. Health issues, particularly diabetes, are connected to the people, life styles and the environment. There is a demand to follow healthy life styles and strike a balance between work and leisure. Peoples will be made cognizant that they can non merely work, but need to exert excessively, as exercising plays an of import function in diabetes control. The community needs to be educated in this respect.

Strengthen Community Actions: For an effectual diabetes undertaking, it is indispensable that the community has ownership and duty in the procedure. In the UAE the populace must hold full entree to information, instruction chances and funding with respects to the diabetes wellness programme.

Developing personal Skills: The diabetes wellness publicity program must learn people every bit good as provide acquisition chances about the unwellness so that people will be cognizant of their diabetic status and have the ability to move on it and so hold more control over their wellness and determinations sing it.

Reorient Health Services: This is the shared duty between persons, community groups, wellness professionals, wellness service suppliers and establishments and the UAE authorities which will work together to set up the showing procedure for diabetes. ( Scribd. ; WHO, The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986 ) .

The Ecological Approach in Planing a wellness undertaking for the Screening for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetic Conditions for immature people in the UAE:

In the design of the proposed wellness publicity undertaking, the `` ecological attack '' of Sallis et Al. ( 2006 ) , will be used. The ecological attack is connected to multilevel intercessions. These are based on ecological theoretical accounts and mark persons, societal environments, physical environments and policies, all of which must be implemented to accomplish population alteration in physical activity.

In public wellness, ecological theoretical accounts are those connected to people 's interaction with their physical and socio-cultural milieus. In this regard the proposed diabetes undertaking of wellness publicity will utilize these thoughts.

As in the Sallis et Al. ( 2006 ) survey, the thought of physical activity will be promoted as portion of the diabetes programme. It has been shown through research that vigorous exercising, such as jogging or aerophilic exercising, for at least 20 proceedingss at a clip, three or more times per hebdomad, can assist in advancing wellness every bit good as prevent many chronic diseases. Subsequently, in the mid- 1990s, the thought evolved in the 30 proceedingss of moderate activity, such as alert walking per twenty-four hours to supply wellness benefits.

This construct of activity will be the 1 that will be promoted to the populace in the UAE. All the benefits of such sustained activity and its associated benefits will be advertised and passed on to the populace. It will organize portion of a sustained educational procedure related to diabetes and show people how they can pull off the disease if they have it, or how to forestall it.

In order for this to be effectual, and the people to follow an attitude of 'active and healthy ' life, multiple intercessions are necessary. The countries to be addressed are: persons, societal environments, physical environments and policies.

Persons: people must be made cognizant ( educated ) about the dangers of a sedentary life style. Inactivity has more negative than wellness benefits. Peoples need to travel and acquire approximately. It has been proven that those with diabetes can keep a better wellness position ( Deakin et al.2005 ) .

Ecological theoretical accounts are of import for physical activity publicity. In a public wellness scene, ecological theoretical accounts are the people 's interaction with their physical and socio-cultural milieus. This includes the environmental and policy variables that will act upon behaviour. Whereas the environment is clear, the policy relates to the authorities 's role- therefore the UAE authorities has a large function to play in providing the fiscal resources for the promotional program of instruction and interventions, every bit good as the substructure, such as recreational Parkss, walking paths, swimming pools and other exerting installations.

As portion of the diabetes promotional program for the UAE some requirements are needed in the ecological theoretical account:

Safe, attractive and convenient topographic points for physical activities

Execution of motivational and educational plans for the usage of the exercising topographic points

Involving and use of mass media and community organisations to educate and alter societal norms and civilization ( educate about diabetes- intervention, direction and bar ; benefits of exercising ; healthy feeding & A ; weight direction ) .

The four chief countries in the planned publicity program will be as follows:

Policy Environment: This involves the wellness Departments, diversion installations, Government, schools, media and all other substructure and policies.

Behaviour Settings: The handiness of walking installations, wellness attention, vicinity, school environment and others impacting individuals.

Behavior: Active Life Spheres: diversion, place activities, transit, occupation activities and how these associate to people.

Perceived Environment: safety of the country, attraction, convenience and handiness, which will play a function in the intercession of diabetes and the direction of it ( Scibd. ( n.d. ) .

Theory behind the Health Promotion Plan:

The plan will be based on theory of community edifice every bit good as community organisation theory. The plan is intended to be led by users and ordinary people, in coaction with aid from wellness professionals and wellness institutes and authorities. Peoples will be shown how to authorise themselves and to better their quality of life. The community will be empowered, and will work on specific issues linked with other groups. A corporate action will come about through political and societal action ( Ottawa Charter, 1986 ; Sallis et al.2006 ) .


A survey by Murdoch and Townsend, UAE University, Al Ain, reflects on the incidence of diabetes in the UAE, and specifically in Fujairah. They argue that efficient diabetic attention involves primary, personal and go oning attention as critical parts of a conjunct attempt to better the results for patients with this upset. The direction of cardiovascular hazard factors of high blood pressure, fleshiness, and coffin nail smoke are relevant ends in primary attention. Harmonizing to them, diabetes patients necessitate self-care and good primary wellness attention. Overall, the direction rests with the patient, health care institutes and a chiseled national wellness policy. The best advice must be available to patients and primary wellness attention bringing.

In the UAE, there are 260 familial diseases reported. The Centre for Arab Genomic Studies, based in Dubai, identified another 16 upsets in the Arab population. Of these, diabetes is a prevailing 1. The familial testing signifiers portion of the national policy to demo whether persons have an familial temperament to a certain disease. This would besides assist for those meaning to acquire married in order to find if the kid might be affected by the disease ( Khalaf and Underwood, 2010 ) .

Harmonizing to a United Nations Health Study, figure of type 2 diabetes in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) is amongst the highest in the universe. It is projected that by 2020, approximately 32 % of the grownup population ( age 20-79 ) , including both UAE subjects and exiles, may hold diabetes or pre-diabetes. The costs could surge to about $ 8.52 billion ( USD ) , the equivalent of AED 31.27 billion, over the following decennary if current tendencies continue. This means that one in three grownups from all degrees of UAE society will hold diabetes. However, most of the of instances of pre-diabetes and about 35 % of instances of diabetes in the UAE remain undiagnosed, stand foring lost chances to avoid the costs and complications of a mostly preventable disease.

The survey continues to state that Type 2 diabetes which is a common, chronic and potentially crippling disease, affects a wide scope of persons. It affects anyone regardless of cultural or socioeconomic background. It has been shown that weight is a large job in diabetes. Peoples do non cognize that fleshiness, pre-diabetes and diabetes is related conditions that create a unsafe, yet preventable, wellness jobs. Harmonizing to the World Health Organization, approximately 73 % of big adult females and 66 % of work forces are fleshy or corpulent in the UAE. Through this the state is in the top five worldwide in the fleshiness bets.

Medical costs attributable to diabetes and pre-diabetes in the UAE are forecast to increase to possibly $ 1.04 billion ( AED 3.82 billion ) by 2020, stand foring a 58 % addition from an estimated $ 657 million ( AED 2.41 billion ) in 2010 ( UNH 2009 ) .

This outgo is confirmed to make $ 250 million by 2012, by another survey ( free Press Release, 2010 ) .

Fortunately, the figure of diabetes instances can be reduced by early, aggressive intercession. Screening trials, lifestyle alterations and disease direction can assist forestall Type 2 diabetes for those who have it and forestall it for those who are screened to demo that they can acquire it.

Mesbah ( 2010 ) studies that the latest figures ( July 2010 ) from the International Diabetes Federation, show that 18.7 % of the UAE grownup population is affected by diabetes, the 2nd highest prevalence worldwide after the Pacific Ocean island of Nauru. This is harmonizing to Dr Maha Taysir Barakat, OBE, Medical & A ; Research Director and Consultant Endocrinologist at Abu Dhabi 's Imperial College London Diabetes Centre ( ICLDC ) . A call was made on the authorities to step in in advancing an consciousness and educational run to raise consciousness of the dangers of being fleshy and to exert more. Peoples were to be encouraged to keep a healthy weight and to do usage of the Parkss and recreational Centres every bit good as spell for walks on the Corniche countries, such as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, any signifier of exercising, and particularly, walking which is easy to transport out, was to be encouraged. Along with this is the lifestyle alteration and diet consciousness. This would debar a diabetic epidemic and set less emphasis on health care installations and healthcare outgo.

In 2007, the Dubai authorities started an enterprise to raise diabetes awareness and lifestyle alteration. AMEinfo ( 2007 ) reported that the UAE Ministry of Health ( MoH ) and BinSina Pharmacy have joined forces to protect UAE subjects and occupants from high blood force per unit area, cholesterin, diabetes and fleshiness via a multi-phase, countrywide run.

As portion of the consciousness run, an one-year walk has been organized by the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre. In Abu Dhabi, on November 26 2010, the biggest crowd of all time was led by His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Saif Al Nahyan. More than 15,000 people walked on the five kilometers trek around the F1 path at Abu Dhabi 's YAS Marina Circuit. This was, Walk UAE 2010, portion of the award-winning public wellness consciousness run under the backing of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak ( Batnagur 2010 ) .

A voluntary showing for diabetes was held in 2009 at a Mall in Dubai to find diabetes. Baxter ( 2009 ) studies that every individual voluntary who took portion in a UAE Ministry of Health testing trial for diabetes, was found to be overweight. This raised serious concerns about the province of the UAE 's wellness. Every individual out of the 400 voluntaries who took portion in the trials at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, were found to be overweight, and weighed more than their recommended organic structure mass index ( BMI ) . The company, Sanofi-aventis, which conducted the trials along with the ministry, reported the consequences and said that it was `` distressing '' . All voluntaries were potentially at hazard from diabetes or bosom disease. This was due to the high BMI. The general director of the company said that the people needed to be educated more on eating healthily every bit good as exercising.

As portion of the authorities 's enterprise of the battle against diabetes, Saberi ( Gulf News, 2010 ) reported that Dr.Razzaq Al Madani, the caput of the Emirates Diabetes Society, has called for a nation-wide diabetes testing programme. This was necessary to maintain path of this disease. The programme was aimed at testing the whole population. Although this was an ambitious program, the value, could non be underestimated. It will affect all physicians and all wellness attention installations, clinics and infirmaries.

A month-long run organized by ExHealth, was opened by His Excellency Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim, UAE Minister of Health, as portion of the World Diabetes Day programmes in Dubai as portion of the Know Diabetes. This is a month-long run organized for the 3rd consecutive twelvemonth ( Middle East Events, 2010 ) .

From the above it is clear to see that the authorities, every bit good as pharmaceutical companies is actively involved in raising the consciousness of diabetes among the occupants of the UAE. The exhibitions, awareness runs every bit good as large walks which involved 1000s, will certainly do people more cognizant. The lone job is that people still need to take duty for their wellness conditions.


The PRECEDE-PROCEED theoretical account ( Green & A ; Kreuter, 1991 ) , provides a comprehensive construction for measuring wellness and quality-of-life demands. This theoretical account is utile for planing, implementing, and measuring wellness publicity. It can besides be used for other public wellness plans to run into the different demands. PRECEDE ( Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation ) outlines a diagnostic planning procedure. It assists in the development of a focussed public wellness plan. PROCEED ( Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development ) guides the execution and rating of such plans which are designed by utilizing PRECEDE.

PRECEDE consists of five stairss or stages ( Green & A ; Kreuter, 1999 ) .

Phase one involves finding the quality of life or societal jobs and demands of a given population.

Phase two consists of placing the wellness jobs and demands.

Phase three involves analysing the behavioral and environmental issues of the wellness jobs.

Phase four relates to the factors of the behaviours and life styles which are identified.

Phase five involves determines which wellness publicity, wellness instruction and/or policy-related intercessions would best be suited to promoting the desired alterations in the behaviours or environments and in the factors that support those behaviours and environments.

PROCEED is composed of four stages.

the intercessions identified are implemented.

procedure rating of those intercessions.

measuring the impact of the intercessions on the factors back uping behaviour, and on behavior itself.

last stage comprises outcome evaluation- checking on the ultimate effects of the intercessions on the wellness and quality of life of the population ( Green & A ; Kreuter, 1999 ) .


With the Proceed-Precede theoretical account ( Green & A ; Kreuter, 1991 ) will be utilized in be aftering the procedure of the diabetes testing program. The targeted people will be assessed. By utilizing this theoretical account, the multiple determiners of wellness will be recognized. The plan will be started by making an appraisal of the quality of life and societal jobs of the people in the UAE, of which wellness is a conducive factor. In this instance the effects of diabetes on the lives of the people in the UAE will be studied. The whole thought of the wellness publicity program is the awareness-making of the state to the necessity of the showing for diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions of immature people in the UAE.

Social, environmental and educational appraisal will be done to understand the demands of the community in the UAE ; prioritising them and puting plan ends.

Administrative and policy assessment- Information gathered from the old stairss will be used to place the cardinal resources needed, every bit good as policies and ordinances that can impact the plan.

Evaluation- this is a important measure:

Procedure evaluation- the plan will be evaluated before the execution of the diabetes testing program

Outcome evaluation- did the proposed diabetes testing program affect the patient 's cognition and wellness state of affairs ; did it hold the awaited consequence ( Scribd. ( n.d. ) .

With the proposed program of diabetes testing, it is indispensable that the plan constituents are matched with the degrees of the persons, organisational and community alteration. Interventions need to be matched.

A following stage will be to make the pre-test of elements that have non been tested before in the proposed age group in which the showing will be done.

The 3rd stage takes into history the demands of the plan that will be aligned with other factors to from a blended, cohesive and comprehensive plan. This will take factors of administrative, organisational, regulative and policy position every bit good as alterations where needed, into history ( Green & A ; Kreuter 1991, p.191 ) .


  • The programme will be one of publicity of the benefits of showing.
  • Secondary prevention- arrest advancement
  • Community wellness publicity can besides be portion of the programme to demo how Diabetess can be managed -Diabetes Self direction Education Program- ( DSMEP ) .

The first scheme will concentrate on the publicity and benefits of testing. Early sensing will take to early intervention and halting of the disease. For those identified with pre-diabetes, a wellness program can be devised. All the thoughts of the disease will be passed on top the people. This means educating the people.

Secondary bar means placing those who have already developed the disease. The purpose is to halt the advancement. The whole population will be targeted. The end of the Diabetes Self Management Support Program ( DSMEP ) will be to authorise people in the community. It will be based on utilizing the hazard and wellness oriented attack to avoid post-complications of the diseases ( Deakin et al.,2005 ) .This plan will supply cognition, information and support for the development of necessary direction accomplishments. Patients can join forces with wellness professionals and wellness facilitators.

All of the above will be accompanied by an consciousness plan. Life manner alterations and a supportive environment all through community bases will be emphasised.

The premiss is that the right instruction programmes can assist people to cut down blood-pressure, organic structure weight, better quality of life and aid with their ain wellness intervention. If the wellness publicity program and showing are effectual, so the incidence of diabetes can be reduced

( Deakin et al. , 2005 ) .

Existing spouses and cardinal stakeholders will besides be identified. These will be engaged in the plan. Different interest holders could be:

Young Peoples in the UAE

Residents with type 2 diabetes ; those with pre-diabetic conditions

Established diabetes instruction and general programmes Doctors and Clinical Assistants and Nurses

Health professionals from Diabetes Centres in the UAE

Community wellness workers

Other Local and National diabetes organisations

Community leaders, and Schools

UAE media ( telecasting, wireless, newspapers, cyberspace ) ( Scribd. ( n.d. ) .

Other determiners of wellness:

Thingss that can act upon wellness:

Social factors - Age, sex, familial factors

Personal factors - smoke, physical inaction, work & A ; school emphasis

Social and community factor- faith, household, equal group

Housing & A ; Living conditions - entree to wellness services, entree to leisure installations, regional location

General economic, cultural and environmental conditions - Environment-good, friendly? Ad, Housing installations.

Program Type:

The plan will concentrate on the showing. Once patients have been identified, so they need to be advised approximately intervention every bit good as how to better wellness and the care of it. A focal point will be accomplishments constructing activities. Here life manner alteration, exercising and care of organic structure weight will be of import. The benefits of a healthy diet and abstention of smoke will besides be highlighted. If this goes down good, so the opportunities of developing diabetes type-2 will be minimized. Furthermore, the programme will learn those with diabetes how to pull off it.

Structure and range of the plan

Other self-care activities in the program will be:

  • Healthy feeding wonts
  • Physical exercising and activities
  • Monitoring of blood sugar degrees
  • Medicine: the pickings of it

Possible Problems of the above self-care activities:

Social norms: To hold an inactive life style in the UAE has about become an acceptable `` societal norm '' . Most people here spend their leisure clip as a sedentary 1. A batch of people merely go to the Malls, sit at place feeding and watching Television, or those who go to parks, travel at that place to sit and eat once more. Merely a few are serious about exercising in the Parkss or on the beach. Then there is the instance of people driving everyplace they go ; people barely walk to stores or other topographic points.

Personal factors: In the instance of aged people, they might non be able to walk. Even younger people do non walk a batch or want to be driven someplace. Merely a few immature people play athleticss. External factors: The environmental factors can hold an consequence on the activity degree of people. If the Parkss, walking paths or the beaches are excessively far, so less people, immature and old, will non travel and exercising ( Sallis et al.,2006 ; Scribd. ( n.d. ) ) .

Social interaction: Some people will be more active if they are in a group or with active, like-minded people. Young people will play easier as a portion of a squad than as an person.

Program Timetable:

A timetable with timeframes will be devised. Specific sections will hold to be drawn up viz. :

  • Needs appraisal of people involved
  • Screening plan of people
  • Provision of self direction instruction for those with diabetes
  • Follow up of plan
  • Outcome Evaluation of plan

Evaluation methods: ( Mulcahy et al. , 2003 )

In any plan, rating is really of import. This can be through studies and feedback based on specific inquiries:

Is the testing procedure traveling as planned?

Are all the stakeholders involved as set out at the planning phase?

Is the plan participants ' representative of the mark audience?

What is the degree of engagement? Has it decreased over clip?

What are the budgetary costs? Can the plan be sustained?

Outcome Evaluation: this refers to the appraisal of plan ends to find if noticeable alterations to behaviour, attitudes, or cognition have been attained as a consequence of the intercession ( Mulchay et al. , 2003 ) .

Have participants achieved their self-identified duty ends ( e.g. , discontinuing baccy usage, eating less sugary things, taking a 10-20minute walk every twenty-four hours, specified taking stairss to cut down emphasis, practising proper unwritten wellness ) ?

To what extent have participants improved on things such as weight, blood force per unit area, cholesterin, blood glucose degree?

Make participants rate any or an betterment in their overall quality of life as a consequence of plan engagement?

Challenges to Evaluation of the Plan: ( Green & A ; Kreuter, 1999 )

The Cost Challenge: Plan rating can be dearly-won

The Time Challenge: Evaluation demands clip

The Expertise Challenge: Experts are needed to make an analysis of the informations collected


From the scope of literature covering diabetes in the UAE, it is clear to see that there is a general concern about the disease of diabetes. It can be assumed that developing for self-management schemes in people with type-2 diabetes can be effectual in decelerating down complications. The value of a broad showing procedure for diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions for immature people can assist and help in the debilitating consequence the disease has on the UAE population. However, to implement this every bit good as a general wellness publicity program against diabetes will non be an easy one. The possibility exists that there can be several institutional, socioeconomic or political structural factors that could organize barriers to making so. This might be farther complicated by cultural and personal factors and beliefs. The proposed plan can be really successful when it can go portion of bing programs of a national conjunct attempt taking into history wellness policies and the economic and political constructions of the UAE as a whole.

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