British invasion to the UAE

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The British invasion on the United Arab Emirates began consequently after the period of the intervention of Europe in the budding years of the 16th century with Portugal. A century and a half later, Dutch and British conquests began to outdo one another in terms of dominating the UAE. In the closing years of the 18th century, Britain eventually became the major dominating force in the Arab territory.

Both the contemporary ruling clans of Ra’s al Khaymah as well as Ash Shariqah, known as the Qawasim back in the days, grew to a significant level of marine power in the lower gulf eventually raiding maritime vessels from the British colony of India. After routing the naval force of the Qawasim, the British forces mandated in 1820 a number of treaties that brought forth and maintained a maritime truce. This later paved the way for the creation of the United Arab of Emirates after being labeled with the name as Trucial States.

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Two years after, the external security issues as well as the foreign relationship of the state with other countries became absorbed by British responsibility. The British continued its protective control over the area of the UAE until 1971. Over the course of these years, the inner affairs of the UAE were devoid of British intervention as the latter was more after the protection of the maritime commerce in the area of the Persian Gulf.

Moreover, it has been observed that part of the British control of the UAE established overall peace as well as the Western notion of territorial states was also introduced. Far more importantly, the cooperative characteristic among the seven emirates was further amplified after the formulation of the Trucial States Council in 1952. The foundation of the UAE’s Supreme Federal Council is traceable in such council. Reference United Arab Emirates. (1997). Retrieved May 9, 2007, from http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_761560366_7/United_Arab_Emirates. html

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