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Identify the parts of a research report following a standard format Research Report Institution Name Introduction Report on business English provides a critical review and evaluation of literature for foreign and secondary language users in business. The author of this report has not included the entire component required in a universal research report format. For Instance, the author did not include the abstract as It is In universal research form. The abstract, In this case, was not relevant because the author issued what the report entails In the summary.

The author has the review section so that the most senior personnel who do not have time to go through the whole story will read through. In the summary, there is very clear and precise information in the summary section about the problem or aspect of the business that the report is analyzing. The author did not also include the appendix where the Information that supports to arguments used In the report. Hence, the author has not included all the sources and research Information In details since he has not Included the appendix.

The author of this report did not include the methodology. In a universal research report, a list of methods used in the study, for example, if one interviewed focus group or consulted research firms while doing research. In this component of a research report Journal, one gives the reason they are resorted to using a particular methodology. In this business English report, there were no research methods used hence methodology was Irrelevant. This business research report is presented separately from a research convention format.

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In a universal conviction research, the first thing to appear in the report is the abstract. In this report, the author starts by summarizing what the story entails. From the summary, the author gives the introduction of perspective of market trend and business. This research report is represented differently from the other universal reports in also that it does not include a methodology part. How this Report Journal May Impact the way Report is Interpreted The format used in this Journal may impact the way a report is interpreted in a active way.

For instance, due to the subjective nature of reflective assignments, it will be difficult for the assessors to have consistent grading and to be objective. Reading a report written in this format will be time-consuming since its context can often be very broad and involves a wide range of concepts perspectives and issues. This report Journal also impacts the confidentiality of how a story is interpreted. Personal and private views and information about peoples' reflection is disclosed.

This report may not be comparable as it appears hence, differences in accounting can create difficulties in interpretation. The competence of preparing the report is limited. However, the format used in this report Journal may impact the analysis positively. For example, it is much easier to for one to read financial statements, the balance cash flow and also to assess business growth. I provide information to the management and investors that are critical to decision making in an understandable way (Sigmund, Fabian, Carr & Griffin, 2013). Conclusion

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