Comparing the Poem Richard Corey with Money and Happiness

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Do money and happiness go together? In the poem “Richard Corey ,“ the author wants the reader to think or accept the generalization that money does not bring you happiness. There are different people in the public eye who would make you think, no, money does not make you happy. Then there are people in the public eyes that you would think, yes, money can make a person happy. But, does money really make you happy? Well, personally I have never been rich. I was poor and now I have enough money to save and pay bills so that I am not living pay check to pay check.

There are famous people who are wealthy. They have drug problems, alcohol issues, and behavioral issues with the law. They are not happy. When you have a drug or an alcohol problem then you are running from deep-rooted issues. Look at Charlie Sheen, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Kat Williams and many others. These people have either died from overdoses or have been in trouble with the law from either alcohol or drug related problems. I don’t think all the money in the world would have made or make them happy.

If anything, money was a short term solution to their problems. Would they act the same if they were poor? There are people like Oprah Winfry, Beyonce Knowles, Jay-z, Michele Obama, and many more that you would think that money made these people happy. They all go on trips, have nice houses, and they are not in the spotlight of the media for any drug, alcohol, or negative publicity. They are always smiling and they are family and friend oriented. So is it the money that makes them happy? I feel we will never know. I am far from having a lot of money.

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My husband and I live comfortably with the money we make. We work together to bring in the money to support our kids. My husband works really hard at his job. Are we happy? Yes, we are very happy. It’s not because of the money though. We make each other happy. We are surrounded by our family and friends. It’s the love we have for our kids, family, and each other that makes us happy. It was not always like that for me though. With my ex-husband, we were living pay check to pay check. We always were broke and needed help from family all the time.

My ex-husband did not want to work and put all the stress to take care of everything on me. Was I happy? No, hence the reason he is my ex-husband. It was not because of the money though. It was because my ex-husband was like black smoke that smothered me and stressed me out so much. In conclusion, I don’t think money can make a person happy for the long haul. I feel that kind of happiness is for that moment. Materialistic things are only there for that moment. All I know is money is not the reason for my happiness. We all have our own reasons for our own happiness. What is yours?

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