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Money Does Not Bring Happiness

There’s an opinion which says that money brings happiness. Some people agree with it, others not. The discussion has lasted for a long time and still there are different points of view about it.

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Nowadays, we can divide our society into two groups of people: those whose life is centered around money and others who know that there are more important things than being rich. The latter are aware that wealthy people often aren’t able to have a real friend.

People who surround the wealthy, are only expecting for themselves. Moreover, there are people who believe that money can be a medicine for everything. But they make a mistake, as no sum of cash can prevent us from old age, loneliness, diseases, accidents, death or stuff like this. And it’s useful to remember that money is a fragile thing, which we can lose at any time. In addition, wealth makes people less sensitive. They aren’t able to notice both poverty, which is around them, and needs of others.

However, money is the basic means, which lets people make their dreams come true – the dreams, which have been unavailable since one’s childhood, like travelling all over the world or buying a villa, that’s all to compensate a misery of someone’s childhood. Thanks to having money it’s easier in our life to establish ourselves. Cash can be helpful in achieving many goals like finishing our education. What’s more, money lets us buy basic products which are essential to our daily existence.

Human can’t live without eating. We have to be able to earn some money to dress up properly. To sum up the issue is far from solving but it seems that even though money is useful to life we can’t buy the most important things – love or friendship. I think that human has to use money in proper way, without harming others. However, I presume that words: “Money doesn’t bring happiness” can’t exist in present world, because everything circles around money.