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Money Can Buy Happiness in Your Life

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I want to ask you guys. Do you think that money can buy happiness? I am sure most of you will say that money cannot buy happiness. Perhaps it is because we are all familiar with the idea that money cannot buy happiness. We heard it over and over again. This is true to a certain extent, but now I declare that the statement is not an absolute fact. Money can buy happiness if you spend money properly with the right mindset and ideas.

According to research, actually four times money can buy us happiness. There are some tested and proven methods about the relationship between money and happiness. Today I would like to persuade each of you to feel as strongly as I do about the money can buy happiness. In my speech, I would like to show you various ways and examples of money can buy happiness by buying thousands of things and experiences, spend money on others or doing charity and eliminate financial anxiety.

First, money can buy thousands of things and experiences that make you happy. Money as a tool. We exchange money for happiness. Money can allow you to buy everything you like and get a variety of experiences. You can use money to buy your dream car, dream house or anything you like while for experience are going to a concert, membership in hobby clubs, travel and so on.

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In this example, you use money to buy you happiness indirectly. We are easier to deal with the situation when we got money: When you break up, you can easily pack your luggage then go for vacation and forget the unpleasant moment. I am sure when you get these will make you smile Having money allows you to do what you want to do and gives you the memories of an experience so that you remembered for a long time thereafter. Money might not be everything but without money you have nothing.

Next, paid for time-saving services can boosts happiness. Service activities paid include cleaning, laundry and cooking and errands running. A survey showed that more than half of the respondents were willing to spend their money on time-saving purchases. They think that doing so can free up time so they can spend more time to enjoy life and do what really makes you happy.

For example, I ordered Foodpanda and get the food delivered to my doorstep thus I can continue busy with my work. I can avoid facing traffic congestion and waste time queuing up for waiting order. Spend money on time-saving services may relieve stress and promote happiness. Second, spending money on others or doing charity can make us happy. You will be happier if you spend it with the person you care about.

Numerous studies have shown that spending money on others will be happier rather than spending it on yourself. For example, researchers from Harvard University asked people to compare their feelings about spending money on themselves and spending money on others. Most respondents said that they most happy to spend money on other compared to buying themselves something.

The condition is to spend the money on the people who deserve it. It can be a friend or family who care about you You can buy gifts for them or treat them because this is a way to show that you care about them. We make others happy and we will indeed become happy together. Donating to charity absolutely make you happier.

Help those who need money go further in life and those who suffer from grief with loss someone in life. Can do different types of charity such as animal charity, environmental charity, health charity, educational charity, voluntary participation in activities and so on. This way leaves an impact which bring a warm feeling to yourself and others.

I am proud to have able to provide funding for the World Vision and Koala Hospital organizations. Both organizations leave me an impact and made me really feel like helping those in need. Being generous with our money also makes us feel grateful for what we have. Doing makes us happier than having. It may seem counterintuitive but giving money away and contributing to someone else is a proven way to increase happiness.

Third, having money can eliminate financial anxiety Basically, we have enough money will undoubtedly not have too many troubles and increase your happiness. A 2012 study showed that poor people face more financial problems and health problems lead to depression. It is because they unable to pay all the bills worry about insufficient money when shopping in a grocery store, eating out or paying rent. “Ah, I already bought that thing this month and I need to wait for next month.” I know it is sad. These will fill their minds with tension about money and make the family unhappy, increases the pressure of the couple in the marriage, and may increase the chance of the partner divorce.

Money can significantly improve happiness once our income reaches a certain level. Having a higher income allows us to obtain housing in safer communities, better health care and nutrition and more leisure time. Being rich is not necessarily the path to happiness As I said before, money is not everything but without money you can do nothing and need money no matter what

In conclusion, money really can buy happiness if you spend it correctly. Do not think that money is just to buy things, pay bills and work for money, but to live a happier life with something that helps you achieve the goals in life. This is exactly the happiness and meaning that money can bring for you!

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