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As with most religions studied all around the world both Islamic and Christian faith are viewed as powerful and life changing lifestyle in a religious aspect. Although, they are both unique in their own way both religions have helped to shape the people in which they are practiced by. In the essay below you will encounter the differences and similarities which make these religions what they are to the people who practice them. Although, no one religion is greater than the other they are only as great as the people who vow to live them daily.

Christian and Muslim faith have both help to develop the country, America as two of the most widely practiced religions, and although they are different they both have made positive impact in the development of the country. With a place like America, considering the freedom of the people, the views and morals and values of the people, who inhabit this beautiful country it is not hard to figure out why they call it the "melting pot. " Depending on who is describing its beauty, to most it would be known as the American dream, mostly to those who do no live here and want to come here.

When people speak of America they speak of freedom, freedom to live as they want, freedom to say what they want, freedom to do as they want and the freedom to dream as they want. All of these things and more make up what America is known for. However, although, living freely is something that is precious to those who come here, one of the most important aspects to living freely as they would like is the fact that they are welcomed here no matter what religion. With religion being such a big part in most people's lives it is not uncommon to see people engaging in it everyday.

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Although there are many different religions, in America two of the most common religion happens to be Christianity and the Islamic religion, Muslim. Although, these two religions differ, they also have their similarities, both religions believe that there is only one true God that sends down a messenger to observe the people, they both believe in a better reward in the after life if they live their lives well and according to the commands of their God. Both religions rely on a books in which they use to guide them through life.

They both praise and worship their Gods, although in different ways and they both practice certain commands of their God to show their appreciation for life given to them by the Gods they serve. However, to accurately pick apart these two religions, and translate their full value, would probably be impossible, because neither religion nor how it’s practiced is fully understood by the people who practice it. However, both do have their own views as to how things came about, how things should be done, and the consequences of not doing as their God would have them to do.

To know the difference between the two, to understand that aspect, it is first important to understand what each religion is, and how they came about. Practicing Christianity means to practice a religion based on the belief in Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus, by dying and rising from the dead, made up for the sin of Adam and thus redeemed the world, allowing all who believe in him to enter heaven. Christians rely on the Bible as the inspired word of God.

The Bible is their book of direction, written by the disciples and followers of God and translated to them from Him so that the people will follow these directions for their daily lives. To them the word was breathed by God. It is even fair to say that one of the biggest differences between the two is that Christianity is more about the relationship with God rather than the religious practice. The Christian population believe that in order to truly worship God, one must get close to him and develop a relationship with him, with that, the closer you are to him, the more you will become like him.

It is believed that God allows each and every Christian to develop and grow their own relationship with God so as to get to a place of love shared between the two. In a sense, if the love you have for God grows outside of a religious sense it is still acceptable by God, and the more the love grows the more you are accepted by him. Although, religious practices go hand in hand with worshiping him so the more love you have for God the more you will do at his command because you know it will show the love you have for him.

Other big differences are the belief that God exist as one in three persons which includes The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. In the Muslim religion there is one God, or better known as Allah. Period. Its beliefs are different from the teaching of the Christian faith. To Muslims, there is but one God, and Jesus, is merely a prophet, just as Muhammad was, for the people, born a virgin, but created just as Adam and all mankind was. However, Muhammad is who was chosen by God. The people of Muslim faith do not believe in Jesus dying on the cross, because they do not believe that

God would allow such a torturous death to one of his followers, with that though Christians believe the death was needed in order to show salvations for all the sins of the people. For the Muslim, the Qu'ran is their book of direction; however it was not created until after the bible. As the Christians believe that the Bible is the only holy word direct from God, Muslims believe the Qu'ran has just the same importance. Christians believe their bible to be the only word, and that nothing can be added or taken away from it which is exactly what the Islamic people did by erecting the Qu'ran.

Because of these essential differences and contradictions, Islam and Christianity cannot both be true. The Bible and Qur’an cannot both be God’s Word. The truth has eternal consequences. As stated above both believe in an eternal reward for good deeds, but the way in which you receive them differ as well. In the Christian religion, Jesus died for all sins and as long as his existence is believed and people repent of their sins they can be forgiven, only by God's grace and granted access to a heavenly existence after earthly existence is finished.

As far the Islamic religion is concerned paradise is only earned by keeping the five pillars, which include: The testimony of faith. This means, “There is no deity but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. ” A person can convert to Islam by stating this creed. The shahada shows that a Muslim believes in Allah alone as deity and believes that Muhammad reveals Allah. Prayer, Five ritual prayers must be performed every day. Giving, this almsgiving is a certain percentage given once a year. Fasting. Muslims fast during Ramadan in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

They must not eat or drink from dawn until sunset. Pilgrimage. If physically and financially possible, a Muslim must make the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once. This is performed in the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. These five pillars, are what Muslim followers believe if lived by will assist them in obtaining eternal life with the God in which they serve. When comparing these two religions, the contrast is also apparent in their way of life as well. Education and marriage are also two things common in both religions and cultures but very different.

One thing is certain when analyzing the union of marriage or the importance and significance of education in the Muslim faith, religion goes hand in hand with each of these subjects because faith and religious growth is what determines the lifestyle of Muslims in every aspect. The Qur'an lays out clear guidelines for marriage. One of the main traits you should look for in a potential spouse is a similarity in religious outlook. For the sake of compatibility, and the upbringing of future children, it is most recommended for a Muslim to marry another Muslim.

However, in some circumstances it is permissible for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim. The engagement is the biggest part of the wedding. Once the father has found a groom for his daughter, the wedding plans start rolling. The father than receives a bag of money as a thank you from the man who is about to marry his daughter. These are the oldest form of arraigned marriages and dowry is still a very important part of the proceedings. This is a token of his gratitude and loyalty to his daughter. Muslim beliefs are very strict when it comes to their marriages and the relationships within them.

The man in the relationship is just that. He runs the household and everything that needs to be taken care of. In a Muslim relationship, the woman is meant to reproduce and take care of the home while her husband is at work. As the wife you are required to give your husband the utmost respect in absolutely every way. You are also required to accept and deal with any punishment that he feels you require. These are the beliefs of a Muslim marriage. However, these punishments and disciplines are not handed out the way that the media would have you believe.

While a modern woman in America would have no part of this type of marriage, Muslim women have been taught no other teachings, and the faith is to be respected. While both religions look to their religion to lead their marriage, the Islamic faith is more likely to follow theirs to the letter. Christians also believe in the sanction of marriage and believe the same principles such as not cheating and staying true to the spouse. But, Christians are less likely to follow every step in the process. The penalties in one religion are nothing compared to the penalties in another.

If you are a Muslim woman you cannot divorce your husband, he can only divorce you, adultery is punishable with death by stoning and there are almost no second chances, because the faith of the Islamic people are so strong this is excepted. However, Christianity is quite different; a woman may divorce her husband. Both men and women are equal in marriage and one does not rule the other. However the woman should submit to the man in order to help their marriage to be successful. To be educated is also something that has noted differences between the two religions Education is the birth right of every Muslim and Muslimah.

Islam puts considerable emphasis on its followers to acquire knowledge. Investment in education is the best investment one can make, because it eventually leads to intellectual property. Intellectual property is the intangible property, which no one can steal or destroy. This is the property on which no Government can levy a tax. In the Western World the purpose of education is to provide for the economic prosperity of a nation. At a personal level the purpose of education is to acquire academic and professional skills that enable one to earn a respectable living with riches and fame, and also a luxurious and comfortable life.

For a Muslim providing economic prosperity of a nation does not contradict his /her Islamic belief, however focusing the goals of education solely for the purpose of money making is unpalatable. Muslims want to impart Islamic education. Women are educated differently than men as well.

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