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Should Christians invest their money?

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In my opinion, Christians have a right to invest in businesses which are biblically acceptable and conduct their businesses as well as using their money in an ethical manner. This means that Christians should not gain wealth through exploitation of the poor neither should they mistreat anybody because of their wealth.

As Christians, we should manifest God’s will in every aspect of our life. Business is an in come generating project just like employment and therefore Christians can serve God and manifest his will in all activities which are involved in business. Taking risks is inevitable in business but as human beings, we should use our God given knowledge and wisdom to risk what we can afford and what will guarantee some success.

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Christians can invest in any form of business where there is fair transaction between the involved parties and this cannot be mistaken with gambling. This is because both of the parties get what they think is of comparable valuable to what they had given up and they do it at their own will. It only amounts to gambling when we attempt to take someone’s property when he/she is not willing to give and at the same time give unfair compensation.

To respond to the students post, the definition given in the post does not give any restriction to Christian investment. However, it is against any form of business which is based on unethical practices such greed and depicts this kind of investment as unbiblical, a factor which I my opinion is true. Christians should invest but only in businesses which are ethically accepted.

Certainly, as shown in the post, Christians should invest with a good altitude of serving God. On the issue of risks, Christians should weigh between risk and success and make a sound decision. They should take risks within their financial capabilities provided that the investment is ethical. Lastly, the definitions given for gambling do not feature in any form of biblically based investment hence Christians should not be involved in gambling.

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