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When you love somebody you experience a full range of feelings such as tenderness and anger, calmness and annoyance, jealousy or despair. All these feeling running through your body that you have difficulties controlling them. Everything was great just the other day, and them in moments it all turns a mess. The churning feeling in your stomach makes you want to vomit, but you hold it in as you just want to scream for help. You adrenaline is rushing faster and faster and you just want to end the relationship right there, but with just a pause you remember how happy you are because of your love.

Although riding a roller coaster is nothing like falling in love with somebody, these two separately different things alone can become similar if you break it down into a metaphorical way. With starts and stops at every bump and hump, and the tickling feeling in your nerves makes the ride even better. Both can cause you to feel risk and fear which casues your heart to beat even faster. Everyone feels the adrenaline rush as they reach the top of the first hump on the roller coaster. You are nearly wetting your pants as you can see the whole amusement park from the top.

There, in those fractions of seconds you are pulled with a tremendous force down from the track as if you just let everything go and are now free falling to the ground. You feel the release of tension as if you just told someone you loved them for the very first time. At first glance people would not consider riding a roller coaster and loving somebody very similar. Loving somebody is an indescribable emotion that makes you feel great inside while riding a roller coaster is a ride you go on with your friends to feel the crazy adrenaline rush.

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There is not way that these things alone can be similar, but if you picture riding a roller coaster and loving somebody in a metaphorical way it is much easier to see the comparison. After those powerful words of “I love you” are hope to hear it said back to you. Sometimes there is a long pause before that happens, and in those matter of seconds, you could feel just as if you were approaching the top of the roller coaster. Eventually when those words are spoken right back to you, the biggest smile will light up the town. The joy that someone loves you just the way you are will be the most over joyous feeling you will ever ncounter. You will want to hear it all the time. Until that one day where is starts to go downhill. Even though riding a roller coaster and loving somebody can be exciting all the time, but after the third or fourth time riding the roller coaster you tend to lose your excitement. Loving someone in contrast is totally different. You are constantly facing new challenges and new areas in which you and your partner grow to become a better couple. Each step is exciting and new, and unlike a roller coaster you will never lose that excitement if you love the special somebody.

But from another prospective roller coaster doesn’t impose on you any obligations and you are free to do what you want. Now, you are free to choose what it is better for you riding a roller coaster or loving somebody, because both alternatives can provide you strong feelings while crossing a steep and dangerous either falling or rising with fastening heart beating. Riding a roller coaster can have its many ups and downs, so can loving someone. Each hump you encounter could have a twist in it, or a loopy de loop. You will never know what you will experience, but that it what makes it so much more thrilling.

It is always going to be a wild ride, but as long as you have someone there with you to help you when you are feeling scared, you will be fine. People wait for roller coasters as others wait for love. Both can take a very long time. In order to wait through the long lines you need to be patient. Being patient can be a really great thing. In the end it will be worth it! In comparison, waiting for that special someone in your life can be a great thing. At times it may be boring and hopeless, but once you see the gates and are ready to enter them you will be ready.

Both you and your loved one will enter the gates as if you were entering the roller coaster. Both will feel every jerk and twist, and both going through the ups and downs. In contrast to two very similar things, roller coasters and loving someone can be very different. Sometimes loving someone is not as fun as riding a roller coaster. Too big of a hump scared the other one away causing you to not find it as thrilling as everyone else does. The thrill of love causes you to never want to experience love again. Also, riding roller coasters may not be thrilling to some people.

Sometimes people are too scared to be stuck at the top as if they were in a rough patch in their relationship. They do not want to experience that feeling, so they just watch as their friends have the best time of their life. Overall, roller coasters and loving somebody are very similar. Both have their ups and downs while feeling every jerk and twist there is. Both are a wild ride that leaves everyone wanting to come back for another run. From everyone talking about, people wait for the ride of their lifetime. Sometimes this wait can be a long time, but they know it will be worth it.

Everyone’s roller coaster is different. Some people think that a big roller coaster is too scary for them, and they feel the need to sit out as their friends have the best time of their life. Other people feel the need to ride the roller coaster so many times that it becomes boring to the. These people will not experience the thrill as everyone else. They want to find the girl that meets every one of their expectations. When in reality not everyone is perfect, and every roller coaster is not perfect. Sometimes their our sudden stops and little problems, but in the end the roller coaster will be the best time of your life.

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