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Company’s overall image

The accessibility of information online has enabled consumers of all ages to be readily exposed to the company’s overall image and the products that they offer.Although placement of online advertisements drives brand awareness and visibility, promotional websites are the primary tool used to encourage purchase from prospective consumers.The promotional website for Mountain Dew was very interactive and visually stimulating.

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As this product is officially marketed to a segment defined by extreme sports and video-game culture, the interface created an environment similar to being outdoors.

The textured background, interactive game features, and as well as the profiling of extreme sports athletes successfully affirmed its position in the specific segment. The prominence of the color green throughout the website effectively created a lasting impression of the product in the memory of its viewers. The rate of response of the links was almost like a PowerPoint slide due to its speed and accuracy. This also enabled the product keep its target consumers interested since video gamers appreciate speed and accuracy. However, the site cannot be easily navigated.

Though it provided links to main pages, the popping slides at every page was very confusing and could get the viewers lost in the slide and distracted from the actual product. On the other hand, www. rainforestcafe. com was very simple yet interactive. The interface was relatively easy to navigate which then reflects the sites primary targets, children. The addition of sounds and animated icons added to the overall appeal and attractiveness of the site and could entice users to explore more of the site. However, the main page lacked proper information on the company, their product or service, or even the purpose of the whole site.

Although it looks very enticing and it is very child-friendly, the lack of initial information could lead to a lost in interest from their viewers. In my opinion, the best promotional site for a product is Gap. com. The creation of the Gap Inc. Direct aimed at the simplification of the shopping experience. This is efficiently captured as accessibility of the site allows users to go from one brand site without having to type in a separate urn and enable them to maximize their times browsing. Aside from this Gap Inc was able to increase brand awareness in a particular site visitor on all five brands instead of just one.

The site is easy to navigate and features a simplified interface. The “no fuss” look of the website allowed Gap Inc to standardize their online strategies for all their brands while keeping its varied consumer base interested. It also provides its patrons with efficient catalogs and a sort of look book with their “Rachel Zoe’s picks” and these enables them to better assess the products. This gives the consumers easier browsing of the products and shows which products go with each other. It also encourages them to purchase more products by stimulating a desire to emulate the looks. {URL: http://www. gap. com/ }