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Company Profile of Coca-Cola

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Company Study By:bonnie may alvior bsit4 November 8,2012 History of Coca-Cola Company In line with the company’s trust for expansion and in response to the growing market demand, a 5 year construction schedule for the new Bacolod Plant took place in the last quarter of 1994, to replace its old plant in 15th Lacson St. , Bacolod City which was constructed in 1948. In the search for the site of the new plant, the following were the objectives. * To relocate the bottling plant and its facilities in an industrial area designated and approved by the local government authorities. To construct a bottling plant away from the city but still near the different market centers which should significantly reduce the delivery time and cut down cost of hauling. In the Visayas on the projected sales * To be able to support other plants in the Visayas on the projected sales growth and product volume requirements of the regions. 14 sites were identified and considered but the lot in Mansilingan was selected with its confidence to the objectives and specific identified. The lot is 10 hectares in area and used to be a sugarcane field. It is about 8 km from the city proper.

The construction of the Php 700 million two lines capacity plant started in 1997 and was inaugurated in October 28, 1998. The new plant in Bacolod is the latest and one of the largest in the network of 19 facilities operated by Coca-Cola Bottlers Phil’s. , Inc. across the country. The plant has a capacity of 50,000 physical cases per day with provision for two (2) more lines in the future. The 10 hectares production centre is home to 281 employees and incorporates up-to-the minute computerized production systems, a waste water treatments and electronic bottle inspection. 2 VISION/MISSION STATEMENT VISSION

We are a world class beverage plant producing the highest quality products and services to our customers at optimum cost. MISSION * Leadership Our leaders are made model of excellence. They exemplify dynamic leadership by exercising sound business ethics and moral values. As coaches and mentors, they are the fountains of strength, constantly providing clear direction o associates and showing concern for their welfare. * Shareholders We are the shareholders, the beneficiary of our success. We commit to enhance shareholder value through continuous improvement and optimization of our resources generating profits to ensure sustainable growth. Community We are responsible corporate citizens in the community. We foster harmonious relationships through the development and preservation of the environment and sustain the economic upliftment of the people. 4 SERVICES OFFERRED The Coca-Cola Company provides superior quality products and services that are affordable to the customers and constantly available in the market. The customer is the reason for their existence. The customers’ needs drive the business and the number one goal is customer’s satisfaction. The following are the on the ground programs the company also offered: COKE FOUNDATION Provide education by donating school in the depressed areas all over the country called (Coca-Cola Red School House). In their 100 years in time they build a school in Tayasan, Negros Oriental which will be inaugurated early December. * FEEDING PROGRAM They visit all over the country and serve the children and mothers in remote areas. * WATER SUPPLY Coordinate with the AIDE FOUNDATION to provide water supplies in a ramp pump. The company constructed water ramp pump in Moises Padilla, Silay, San Jose Neg. Occ. , Don Salvador, La Carlota and Kabankalan City (ongoing). * EMPLOYMENT

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Provides job for specific courses, TESDA graduates and technical courses. 3 SYSTEM (SOFTWARE/HARDWARE) USE SOFTWARE * Coca-Cola Company use COKE 1 system wherein the same system that the company uses in Philippines, Australia, China and Germany. The system covers the supply change, human resource, finance, Sales and Logistics. * And also, SAP system which is a powerful tool that integrates multiple business processes and functions into one comprehensive system. SAP reduces lack of integration across business line which will raise the risk of duplication, mistakes and inconsistency data.

SAP provides different approach than their competitors in market. Each piece (module like FI, MM, and SD) can operate independently from all other software. And the key benefit of using this approach is that companies can implement individual module that fits the company needs, and have the flexibility to add other module later when their business grows. HARDWARE * Unit uses in the Coca-Cola Company are Lenovo, IBM and HP products. There are also Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for surveillance purposes. 5 COCA-COLA COMPANY (Index Page Picture) 1 ABS-CBN COMPANY CORPORATE PROFILE ABS-CBN is in the business of producing world-class entertainment, news and information programs and in the continuous adoption of breakthrough technology to deliver these to its audiences not just in the Philippines, but globally. This content is distributed primarily in the Philippines through its flagship station in Mega Manila, ABS-CBN Channel 2. Backed by a regional network of 25 originating stations, 8 affiliates, and a collection of strategically –located relay stations across the archipelago, ABS-CBN’s nationwide reach is unmatched to this day.

ABS-CBN also airs in free-to-air UHF on Studio 23 and operates the country’s leading radio network consisting of 3 AM band stations and 14 in the FM band. ABS-CBN also provides news and entertainment programs for nine cable channels, targeting specific niche markets who prefer foreign entertainment programs, blockbuster Filipino movies, news and commentary, music, anime, and sports. ABS-CBN also owns Skycable , the Philippines’ largest cable television service provider which has close to 500,000 upscale subscribers in Metro Manila and key urban areas nationwide.

Outside the Philippines, ABS-CBN reaches an estimated 2 million Filipinos out of the more than 8 million Filipinos overseas, through ABS-CBN Global’s The Filipino Channel (TFC). TFC is available in the USA, Canada, the whole Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Japan, and a host of other Asia-Pacific via cable TV, direct-to-home satellite, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), and the Internet trough TFCNow! ABS-CBN in-house produced programs also reach foreign audiences through the distribution of ABS-CBN content to countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Star Cinema, ABS-CBN movie production unit, has a 75% share of the local film market based on gross box office receipts, consistently producing one blockbuster hit after another. ABS-CBN also leads the local music production and distribution outfit in the country through Star Records. ABS-CBN Publishing completes ABS-CBN’s tri-media offering with 14 glossy magazine titles, addressing the needs of the Philippine upscale market with features on fashion and lifestyle, gossip and entertainment, culinary arts, interior design, sports and male-specific interests.

Blazing the trail in new media technology, ABS-CBN interactive pioneered traditional media and SMS tie-ups in the country with the launch of TV text promos and TV polls/voting systems. ABS-CBN’s online properties-entertainment and news sites, online games, and social networking through one of the leading social networks in world, multiply- have proven to be strongly patronized by the growing Filipino online community. Driven by its passionate commitment to bold innovation, ABS-CBN is leading the change in the country’s media landscape with its depth of creative talent and breath of platforms. SYSTEM (SOFTWARE/HARDWARE) USE SOFTWARE Most of the hardware use in ABS-CBN is Cisco device for switches and routers. These devices are use to connect to the network in Manila. For operating system the company use Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Networking 2000. For the editing, they use Adobe products. The ABS-CBN also use a Library System to store videos and for the access of data, the admin is assign to the IT Support and Engineering Accounts and user is assign to the editors. Hardware Most of the hardware use in ABS-CBN is Cisco device for switches and routers.

These devices are use to connect to the network in Manila. 10 CORPORATE VALUES * Meritocracy * Granting commensurate rewards at the right time for good performance (caring for our people) * Expecting rewards earned through performance rather than because of entitlement * Taking quick and appropriate action on failure * Excellence * JUDGMENT AND DRIVE FOR RESULTS * Using best judgment to balance speed, quality and cost to attain best returns * Using best judgment to balance the need to deliver short-term business results with what is best for the organization in the long term. Going beyond the boundaries of my role/unit to ensure results * Gathering and using available data/information to make decisions and resolve problems; moving on despite the absence of complete data/information * EMBRACING CHANGE * Exploring new ways and challenging old ways, including past successes, to achieve breakthroughs and continuous improvement. * RISK TAKING * In a constantly changing competitive environment taking action based on an assessment that opportunities and rewards are worth the risks and ensuring everything possible is done to mitigate those risks. * Teamwork COMPANY INTEREST AND TRANSPARENCY * Providing the right information at the right time to the right people * Taking personal accountability for making my team a high powered and high performing team 8 * Putting the good of the company/team before my personal interests * OWNERSHIP * Taking accountability for my role, output and decisions * CONFRONTING CONFLICT * Surfacing issues directly with concerned parties so that these may be resolved constructively and if resolution is not attained, jointly escalating the issue * Accepting my accountability for causing conflicts, if any Teaching and Learning * Training someone to become better than myself at my role * Taking accountability for my continuous learning by defining my development areas and taking deliberate action to fill my skill gaps * Analyzing failures and deriving lessons for them * Providing continuous training and learning experiences so that you constantly become better than you are at your role today and are equipped for larger roles at the appropriate time (caring for our people) * Honest and Integrity * Delivering on commitments; my words equal my actions * Speak out, speak true Providing an environment where one can speak out and be heard (caring for our people) * In the Service of the Filipino Worldwide * To serve the country and its people has always been and will always be the meaning of our work. * Whatever we do and whatever we go, we shall always be faithful to our commitment of being in the service of the Filipino. 9 TITLE PAGE Coca-Cola Company Index Page Picture------------------------------------------------------1 History of Coca Cola Company Bacolod Plant------------------------------------------------------------2 Services Offered --------------------------------------------------------3

Vision/Mission Statement----------------------------------------------4 System (Software/Hardware) Use-------------------------------------5 ABS-CBN Company Index Page Picture------------------------------------------------------6 ABS-CBN Corporate Profile------------------------------------------7 ABS-CBN Corporate Values---------------------------------------8-9 System (Software/Hardware) Use------------------------------------10 Kabankalan Catholic College Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental IN PARTIALL FULLFILLMENT IN OJT-500 BONNIE MAY G. ALVIOR BSIT 4

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