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Comment on the Story of an Hour

Essay Topic:

American female writer whose novel full of fervently consciousness. In her novel The Story of an Hour, she managed to reveal the psychology course of a woman who lived a miserable marriage life due to the lost of freedom and independence and shows feminist consciousness, by the employment of the method of blend and unity of emotion and scenery, the method of contrast, and the method of irony. To begin with, the method of blend and unity of emotion and scenery can be witnessed all around the novel.

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As far as the fifth paragraph is concerned, it reveals easterly the exhilaration of the protagonist by describing the “delicious breath in the an, “a peddler crying his wares”, and “countless twittering sparrows in the eaves”. The author does not write the glee of the heroine directly, whereas, she chooses to express the pleasure and exciting emotion by applying the emotion on the surroundings with exhilaration. By the employment of the mingling emotion and settings, readers tend to be easier to comprehend what the protagonist feels and what the author wants to express.

Besides, Kate Chopin is likely to adopt the method of contrast to manifest the feelings of the heroine. Hearing the news of her husband’s death, instead of being paralyzed inability, the protagonist’s reaction to that is weeping with sudden and wild abandonment at once. By this contrast, readers can notice the distinction of heroine and other women. Unlike the others, she would express her feelings free rather than repress her sadness and some other emotion.

In addition, that shows her yearning and pursuit for freedom to some degree, and reveals her female consciousness that woman should be an Independent Individual, of course, Including women In marriage. Actually, the method of irony also characterizes this short novel. At the latter part, here states “She breathed a quick prayer that life might be long. It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudder that life might be long. ” under the repression of marriage life, she could not be herself.

Therefore, all sorts of days that cannot belong to her own are nightmare which could bring her nothing but sense of shudder. While, since her husband passed away, she could retrieve freedom and experience a fresh life of her own. Therefore, she wished that the life might be long. However, It Is the ending that completely shows the Irony. Doctor claimed that the protagonist “died of the heart disease–of the Joy that kills. Whereas, It was not the Joy but the desperation, that her husband came back alive means her freedom would be deprived again, that killed her.

In the end, the heroine was dead but her husband alive. By the way, her heart disease may be metal disease that caused by As the same as men, women are also independent individual and posses freedom and their own life, even if women who have got married. While most female did not hold that consciousness, Kate Chopin was able to arouse feminist consciousness in the short novel by applying the writing skills of mingling and unity of emotion and settings, contrast and irony.

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