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Codes and conventions: In the short story what’s a Bum Mom, Kathleen Rockwell uses several convincing techniques to carry out the guiding question on civility. One accurate is metaphors, in the short story the author Kathleen Rockwell describes the scene in the story were they see a homeless women out the bus window. “She stopped at a wastebasket and retrieved a large discarded sketch book. She flipped through it until she found a blank page. Standing on the corner of sixth and 14th, she reached into one of her bags and found a marker.

She made on a deft stroke, and then another, on the page another artist left her. My bus moved on. This can be carried out as a metaphor for society and how we view moreover treat homelessness people. Nevertheless we don’t acknowledge it, as a result of ignorance. We are use to pressing on as well as assume we never saw them or they didn’t exist. Hence moving on with our uncivil behavior. Kathleen Rockwell sees a person that has something with I them. A talented women however she is homeless so society will ignore her and continue on with there daily lives.

Another technique is she uses first person to relate with the short story. She asks questions moreover show that their scared, a feeling that many people have. They had to do it, anyone would have done it, but did they cry while they were doing it? ” The photo essay state street family by Glenn H. Austin analyze the argument of homelessness and how society looks down on, preferentially ignores the reality of living on the streets. These pictures show how everyone has approximately the same feelings; therefore society doesn’t show the same character to the homeless.

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The couple in the photo their attitude shows carelessness as is seen no eye-contact with each other, and perhaps the desire to avoid any connection to homelessness. Another example is the first picture a homeless man holds a sign reading, “Talk to me”, how the homeless, like anybody else, need some interaction, outside of their, “State Street Family. ” The title is a technique putting all the images together showing the fact those living on the street are connected together as a family. 1st paragraph The short story what’s a bum mom by Kathleen Rockwell and the photo essay State Street Family by Glenn H.

Austin answer the guiding question, who is responsible for civility? The text I have chosen to better answer the guiding question is what a bum mom. In this short story it shows you a better understanding of the vertices, moreover what can happen. The short story what’s a bum mom Deals with the terms of ignorance in society towards the homelessness and civility. Later we ask ourselves the question do we really know how to be civil to more than just our family, friends and people who are not homeless.

We are fortunate and don’t know how to act when we are put into a situation like this. At the begging of the short story the homeless women ask for a quarter, nevertheless the women mad up an excuse like (…. Put one in about ballet and getting her hopes up). It showed she was nervous and didn’t know how to act in this given situation. She gave the homeless women excuses making her feel like she’s not worth paying any attention to. The author is trying to show according to society, she is below everyone else. Society is also enduring incivility towards younger human.

Like Isabelle she is 5 years old and she has already taken into a count how to label society especially homeless people, drug addicts, bum, alcoholics, ECT. The author is saying we don’t only see the vertices we do our best to ignore them. This story is trying to show us that the incivility of ignoring homelessness is recurring again and again. Its not going to stop we arguing to keep on pretending their not their and move on with our lives. The only time they catch everyone’s attention is when violence occurs. The author says (the arm scene).

The purpose of the photo essay is to show the fact that everyone wants someone to talk to, socially interact with, Moreover deserve the same civility as others that can be shown with social interaction. Like with the first text a homeless man wrote talk to me. The photo essay brings up the question on who’s responsible for civility. The author is showing the emotions within them, also showing how we just ignore it and move on. We don’t think of them as homeless or even consider them as, we call the bums. We ignore them and that’s not an excuse for incivility 2nd -Last paragraph

Admitting both texts deal with the guiding question the short story gave a better understanding of the guiding question. The author made it easy to describe and point moreover her struggle with her own responsibility with civility in terms of the homeless. Therefore it’s easier for us to connect to as present day society does the same thing as the picture essay and the short story. The movie bum fights this movie is about fighting and attempting amateur stunts in exchange for money, alcohol, and other incentives. In this movie men are hurting each other and people for money.

Like in the, short story what’s a bum mom. When the woman was attacked by a man saying he mugged her 5 bucks (add the scene). Its also similar to the drawing homeless people be harassed by police officers moreover families on the street. Like in the photo essay it shows families struggling on the street or when the police officers harassed a homeless man for sleeping in the park. It all comes down to society thinks their superior than homeless people, like they don’t matter and they shouldn’t. The only thing the matters in society and to the government is the amount of money you have. Last paragraph

The author Kathleen Rockwell, the short story what’s a bum mom shows a better understanding on the guiding question. Who is responsible for civility? By giving us a text we can easily find a connection to moreover answer and think about the question she asked in the text. Aside from reading this story we start questioning our own civility therefore start asking are we civil to only the ones we love and know won’t hurt us. Or just the one we think we could trust. Although the photo essay comes to a conclusion on who’s responsible for civility, it catches our attention to the problem of civility but not as well as the short story did.

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