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I am an employee at Liberty Mutual Insurance Group; Founded in Boston in 1912 to write workers compensation insurance. Liberty Mutual Group today has grown to become a diversified group of insurance company with operations worldwide. They offer Auto, Home, Commercial, Life, and Umbrella Policies. Like every business in the USA, Liberty has a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct-Guiding Principle. The purpose of the code is to create and maintain a sense of professionalism and give the public a standard to which it can hold a corporation or profession.I will discuss two of the guiding principle I feel are important.

The first one is Honesty and Integrity. Liberty Mutual states that we conduct our business and interactions with fellow employees, customers and business contacts with the utmost honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to helping our customers and each other live safer, more secure lives. The strength of this code dictates that as a company the human quality of communication is to act truthfully and adhere to a code of honor.This code gives employees a sense of pride to work for an organization promoting this type of behavior. It inspires workers to behave ethically. The weakness of this code is how do you monitor honesty and integrity in a large company such as Liberty Mutual, where there are 45,000 employees worldwide.

The instruction in this code tends to be too general or vague. The second is a Safe and Professional Workplace; Liberty states that they are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect.This includes maintaining a safe and professional work environment that provides equal employment opportunities to all, is free of harassment or discrimination, and complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws. The strength of this code is to discipline people that violate any of the codes mandate. Employers have seen an increase in complaints of employees dealing with a hostile environment. The weakness in this code is that it’s sometimes inconsistent with one another. Most of the complaints are based on the individual experience; there is no actual witness or persons involved.

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That makes it inconsistent.

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