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Coca-Cola Financial Analysis Paper

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Coca-Cola was originally invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton in 1886. He had tried making several new kinds of drugs but all of them had failed. So that was when he decided to get into the world of soft drinks. Pemberton hired Frank Robinson to help advertise his new product but, Coca-Cola wasn’t very successful in their first year of business. Shortly, after that first year John Pemberton passed away in August 1888.

In 1891, Asa Griggs Candler became the new sole-proprietor of Coca-Cola and began to give free samples, coupons and advertised everywhere for his new product. At first it was sold as a medicine to help prevent fatigue and headaches but, after the Spanish-American War congress passed a tax that would be applied to all medicines Coke would no longer be sold as a drug. (Cantwell) From there on Coca-Cola had grown bigger and bigger with the unique shaped bottle to help make them stand out and the idea of selling beverages in six packs were born.

Our idea of Santa Clause was influenced by their advertisements. Even when Pepsi, one of Coca-Cola’s major competitors, was invented in the 1950’s Coke decided to make different sizes of bottles so they had a better variety for their customers. Things were good for Coke for many years until they decided to try to make a new Coca-Cola formula in the 1980’s in fear that their customers were sick of the original taste.

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This idea back fired, Coke received several thousands of complaints from their customer and decided to go back to the Classic Coke taste. (Cantwell) Today Coca-Cola has several varieties of flavors in soft drinks and is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic drinks and syrups. Coke has mastered the ability to adapt to the changes throughout history and has created a happy, patriotic and traditional feel for their product. This would explain how they are still so successful today. (Giebelhaus)

Coca-Cola Financial Analysis Paper essay

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