Children should stay in school

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With the increasingly fierce competition in modern society, people need to make all the efforts to learn new things, acquire new skills and continuously adapt to the fast- developing world since childhood. Most people believe that children should be taught not only the lessons in the classroom but also sports, music and other skills at school, like how to work with other students and how to organize their studies by themselves, etc. However, some other people claim that children should not be living under too much pressure. The question is : Should they or not?

Children should stay in school from 8 a. M. Until 6 p. M. , which sounds quite a long time, but having lessons in the classroom is only one part of their school lives. Children also would be allowed to do sports, music and other activities at school in another half-day. For one thing, children who take physical education (PEE) and music lessons during the school day would do better academically, since they help reduce boredom and help kids stay focused. And we all know that keeping strong and healthy Is the foundation of learning.

For another thing, communication Is very Important In odder society. Children can practice how to play with other students at school, especially when they are asked to do some team-work In some sports and music classes. When I was a little girl, I Joined a Instrumental class, we really needed to learn how to cooperate with each other, otherwise we would repeat again and again until we finally knew the Importance of communication. Bothersome, children could try to learn how to organize their studies, Including the lessons In the classroom, sports and music.

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People all need to know how to manage their studies. Normally we first make a plan, manage It then try to flash It. Children could learn this at school so they would have very good habits when they grow up. It would be precious treasures In their whole lives. However, a coin has two sides. Some other people think that children should not be living under much pressure, they should have enough time to play and have fun. And children should not be forced to learn some sports and music If they are not Interested. They really hope children could have very happy and relaxed childhoods. Would have learnt skills Anyway, In my opinion, people should have learnt skills since childhood because of the rapid-developing society with high competition. Good habits and knowledge are really Important In our lives, especially when we are looking for good unlettered and excellent Jobs when we grow up. However, I believe that children should have opportunities to choose some actively by themselves when they already have should not give them too much pressure?Just fewer exams and more guidance with patience, so children can play for studies and study to play.

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