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Children Literature

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Children Literature in a Pluralistic Society Mariela Cuevas ENG/290 June 1, 2012 Dr. Denese Wolff How theoretical models and critical approaches apply to children’s literature. The importance of understanding the complexity of the way children’s learn is crucial. Each age faces a different challenge and opens a door to a new learning step. Children are like sponges and the responsibility of teaching children is an experience that only teachers that have the passion of education can understand.

Children develop a personality and character within the first seven years therefore selecting a good school is as important as creating good food habits, sleeping routine, or reading the appropriate books. Every action can create an impact in a child. Prospective teachers have the responsibility to learn how children develop and the complexity of each age. Learning to understand children’s abilities and curiosity can only be a benefit for the child and the teacher. The book selected is “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstain.

This book offers a message that teaches a good lesson about the importance of giving and receiving. The book is very simple vocabulary, and nice simple designs as well. Easy to read, and understand. “The Giving Tree” offers a simple environment in which the reader can relate. The little boy growing at the same time as the tree is. The tree offers any assistance to please the boy without expecting anything in return but company and fulfilled the need of being needed. The history at the end leaves a good sensation. There are many theories about the child development; however, four of them are relevant to mention.

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The theory of Jean Piaget focused on the intellectual development. Erik Erikson wanted to understand better about children social development, and Lawrence Kohlberg focused on the moral side. The fourth theory from Vygotsky although explains about social development differs significantly from the rest of theories. One theory that would apply for this book would be the Kohlberg’s Theory of the development of moral judgment in which children start learning about what is right and wrong in life. Kohlberg divides his theory in two stages, or levels, the pre-conventional and the conventional. The Giving Tree” is a book in which children read about giving and receiving. Children learn about sharing moments fun and not so happy too. The book also touch the subject about the evolution of life starting with a little boy looking to play in the swing and ending with an elder man looking to sit. Books as “The Giving Tree” can offer a different message during the childhood, because every age has a different level if understanding therefore “The Giving Tree” is a highly recommend lecture for children even after the elementary age.

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