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Children at work

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This generation of parents have become more worried about what their children are watching and playing and because of this productiveness's The British Board of Film Classification (BBC) was established to give age ratings to movies. The board began fully operating in 1985 and since then they have rated thousands of movies.

This wasn't a problem in the ass's as parents Just accompanied their children in the movies they couldn't watch alone but because of the growing amount of violence, sexual content and swearing in major motion pictures these days, parents are a lot more reluctant in coming with their children to those blockbuster flimsy they really wanted to watch.

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Children at work

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. These age rating stop the kids from coming to terms with these topics and it would be much better if they learnt about these things In a movie then through peer pressure and experience. Besides parents underestimate how much their children really know about these tauter topics and the amount of swearing In a mature movie Is about the same thing that you would hear in a high school.

This Is why I believe age ratings are pointless and should be eradicated as they aren't really protected the children from anything just making them want to watch It more, as something becomes more desirable when its not allowed

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