Childhood Obesity Epedemy Impact

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I chose the topic Childhood Obesity, because it has become a national epedmic.. I plan to discuss and argue the causes, health complications, psychological effects. Also the one controversy regarding this as far as who is to blame. Most of all Ways to conquer this ongoing serious problem. As far as limiting my topic, Chapter 6: Writing The Research Paper, Break long projects Into parts. Then assemble the pieces into something whole. Roy Peter Clark (2006) Writer and senior scholar at the Poynter Institude.

Step by Step. I will discuss the scholarly data that I researched which will include, education for the Parents and children, testing and the different government funded programs to help Conquer this problem. The one controvery is that two doctors say that this problem is Only the parents fault. Dr. David Ludwig and Lindsey Murtagh About. com Pediatrics. According to all of my research, childhood obesity is a very serious epademic. Although there are some genetic and hormonal causes of childhood obesity, most of the time it's caused by kids eating too much and exercising too little, (MayoClinic. com). Symptoms may not be weight gain, they have to check with their doctor.

One of the main problems is they can develop diabeties, high blood pressure. Also sleep disorders, metabolic syndrome, asthma and early puberty. Another serious problem regarding this is psychological and self esteem. All of this is very important, reason being, these are children, their lives are at stake These children and their parents need intensive education to stop this terrible problem. Actually, the whole country needs this education. This has been a problem for many years.

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For example, for twenty years, The Organwise Guys, Inc. has created quality,educational and effective rogramming to help fight childhood obesity. Http://www. organwiseguys. com. There are many state and federal government programs to help fight this epedemic. The types of sources I plan to use are scholarly health and medicine. The majority of them came from the internet. I just recently went into Proquest within the Ashford Online Library. I have found quit a few within Proquest. The controversy I mentioned earlier, regarding putting all of the blame just on the parents and the terrible measures these researchers want to do, I want to research myself in more detail.

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